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Jeff Bandman

6529 Group, 6529 NFT Fund

COO and GC

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Jeff Bandman is COO of 6529 NFT Fund & 6529 Capital.  

6529 Capital is the leading asset manager in the NFT space, focused on a long term buy and hold strategy for “blue chip” & “grail” NFTs.  

6529 is among the world’s foremost collectors, investors and thought leaders in the NFT space and a leading advocate of the "open metaverse" - namely that the architecture of the metaverse should be decentralized and interoperable and that NFTs could serve in this role.  

Previously, Jeff was a senior official at the U.S. CFTC, serving as Special Counsel to Chairman Tim Massad, and FinTech Advisor to Chairman Chris Giancarlo. Jeff is known as the architect and founding director of LabCFTC & led CFTC digital asset and blockchain work starting in 2015.

Jeff also led the CFTC’s Division of Clearing and Risk, overseeing many of the world’s largest clearinghouses, and led negotiations resulting in “Clearinghouse Equivalence” with the European Commission.

He is a six-time Jeopardy! Champion and spent his winnings backpacking around Africa, Asia and Europe.