What's Brand New? Where Has FTX's Crypto All Gone?

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In the aftermath of the FTX bankruptcy, the web3 space has slowed to (nearly) a standstill. Yet, hackers of FTX are still on the loose - with about $200 million worth of Ether. With the hackers converting the stolen funds via anonymous crypto mixers, it seems that the ETH washing has commenced…

It's scary times in crypto. Anyway, welcome back to What's Brand New!

For those who are new, we bring you the biggest NFT and web3 brand news every week, keeping you well-informed on what’s brand new in the space.

Here's our content in-brief:

- Building The Hot Wheels NFT Ecosystem: Mattel has launched a new Hot Wheels NFT collection and marketplace

- Unique NFT Heatmap Launched On Rarible: Hilbert Group launching a first-of-a-kind NFT heatmap via Coin360.com

- NFT Collection Based On Graphic Novel DRACULA: Marvion Launching "DRACULA: Rising Sun" NFT collection in partnership with ComicAsia

- Pepsi x Polygon NFTs: Pepsi stepped into the Indian market with its 1st ever NFT collection for the younger generation

- ATP Steps Into The World of NFTs: ATP to release "Love" - A Tennis-themed NFT collection that uses official in-match data to generate artwork pieces.

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Let's get right into it!

Mattel Has Launched A New Hot Wheels Collectibles Series And Its Own NFT Marketplace Platform

Leading toy manufacturing company Mattel Inc has launched its own NFT marketplace platform called Mattel Creations, along with a new Hot Wheels collectible series (Series 4) for its Hot Wheels NFT Garage collection.

Mattel aims to expand its presence in the Web3 world with this move, which follows the launch of a Barbie NFT collection from earlier this year.

Mattel owns the IP rights for iconic brands such as Hot Wheels, Barbie, American Girl, Thomas & Friends, and others.

The Mattel Creations marketplace is powered by the Flow blockchain, the same network that also powers the NBA Top Shot marketplace. According to a recent press release by the company, the new NFT marketplace will target mainstream consumers, and owing cryptocurrency will not be mandatory to purchase collectibles on the platform.

The Hot Wheels NFT Garage Series 4 collection will contain 3D artwork featuring 60 cars from car manufacturers like Aston Martin or McLaren, with each pack priced at $25 and containing 7 Hot Wheels NFTs of different rarity levels. The rarest NFTs from the new Hot Wheels collection will give the owner the right to redeem a beautiful physical replica.

Hilbert Group To Launch A First Of A Kind NFT Heatmap Via Its Coin360 Platform In Collaboration With Rarible Marketplace

Hilbert Group-owned cryptocurrency analysis platform Coin360 announced the launch of a first-of-a-kind NFT heatmap in partnership with the Rarible platform, a leading NFT marketplace.

The Coin360 heatmap feature, which is already live on their website, aims to provide a visual representation of the NFT world, with various options and features that will provide users with clear insights on the NFT space, using data from popular NFT projects. Hilbert Group AB, the investment firm that owns Coin360, focuses solely on cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

Although the NFT market is encountering a bearish period, also known as an NFT winter, and some non-fungible tokens have seen a drop of 90% in value, the total market cap for NFTs in 2022 is $10 billion and growing.

The NFT heatmap is a tool based on live crypto data aggregator technology, useful for users who are just starting to explore the NFT ecosystem, as well as for experienced NFT collectors or veterans. The heatmap feature is currently still in the beta phase and will feature more assets and functionality in the future, according to Coin360

Graphic Novels Diving Into Web 3  - Marvion Launching "DRACULA: Rising Sun" NFT Collection In Partnership With ComicAsia

Singapore-based metaverse blockchain technology company Marvion has announced a partnership with ComicAsia LLC, to launch an NFT collection called "DRACULA: Rising Sun", based on ComicAsia's debut graphic novel with the same name.

The collection will be available on Metastudio, a DAO-owned decentralized metaverse platform that supports non-fungible tokens, and will include 200 NFTs that will be available for purchase via both cryptocurrency and fiat payment methods.

In a recent comment regarding the collaboration, Marvion's CEO Raymond Chua said that the company looks forward to working with ComicAsia, as they can help them expand its fan base within the cryptocurrency community.

Raymond continued by saying that each NFT in the DRACULA: Rising Sun collection will be compatible with multiple blockchains and will feature embedded on-chain documentation, to prove its provenance (royalty functionality).

Marvion focuses on entertainment and media content, which includes comics. Although non-fungible tokens are digital, they can be intangible assets with intrinsic value, like intellectual property or license rights.

Soft Drinks Giant PepsiCo Steps Into The Indian Market With Its 1st Ever NFT Collection For The Younger Generation

Soft drink company PepsiCo recently announced its debut on the Indian NFT market, with the launch of its "Pepsi Black Zero Sugar" NFT collection. The inaugural Pepsi Black collection is the result of a collaboration between PepsiCo India Design and talented graphic designer and illustrator Timea Balo.

Meant as a tribute to the younger generation, the new Pepsi NFT collection uses themes through which it hopes to strengthen the connection between the Pepsi brand and the younger public.

Based on innovation, evolution, and self-expression, the Pepsi Black Zero Sugar NFT collection will consist of 20 unique NFTs powered by the Polygon blockchain network and will be tailored towards the "swag generation" and digitally savvy people.

The art collectibles will be listed on the popular OpenSea NFT marketplace and include themes such as creativity, gaming, dance, environment, or fashion, with three variations for each theme focused on the Pepsi Black Zero visual.

NFTs from the new collection will also be distributed to the winners of the PepsiBlackeffect challenge, a contest that will take place on the social networking platform Moj, with prizes in tokens from the Pepsi Black Zero Sugar collection and physical merchandise.

ATP To Release "Love" - A Tennis-Themed NFT Collection In Collaboration With Art Blocks Engine And Martin Grasser

The ATP (Association of Tennis Professionals) has recently announced the launch of a tennis-themed NFT collection called "Love", in partnership with Art Blocks, an NFT platform focusing on generative art NFTs and leading Bay Area-based designer and artist Martin Grasser.

The new limited-edition collection will be on sale starting December 6th and aims to bring new ways for tennis fans to own, enjoy, and celebrate the 2022 Nitto ATP Finals.

The Love NFT collection is the first project of its kind, as it uses official in-match data from the ATP season finale, provided by Tennis Data Innovations, to generate unique pieces of digital art. To add suspense to the equation, ATP chose not to release the artwork designs until after when they will be minted.

For digital collectors that purchase one of the NFTs from the Love collection, physical prints of the artworks will be available via physical Level Frames. NFT owners will be able to sell their Love tokens on the secondary market, with 1% of all sales going to the Giving Block’s Mental Health Impact Fund.

And that's a wrap!

Thanks for staying till the end, and we hope you’re now better informed on NFT brand activity this week in the space.

Back to the FTX hacker incident, we can only hope that they will be caught and brought to justice (already some rumors circulating). Either way, the Ethereum ecosystem will survive this, as it has done before. So Ether holders, fret not!

Hope to see you IRL at NFT Paris, February 2023! Till next time, coolkidz.

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