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Gm, coolkidz.

Another shocking revelation this week in crypto: then CEO of The Block Michael McCaffrey had been receiving funding from SBF over the span of a few years, even receiving a $16 million loan for a roof in the Bahamas! With employees none the wiser and McCaffrey stepping down, this could be opening a can of worms (again) into SBF's manipulation of the space…

On the bright side, another co-conspirer brought to justice. Anyway, welcome back to NFT Paris!

For those who are new, we bring you the biggest NFT and web3 brand news every week, keeping you well-informed on what’s brand new in the space.

Here is our content in-brief:

- Celebrating 50 years of the Renault 5 model: Renault launches their debut NFT collection

- Coca-Cola x Crypto.com: Heatmapping players game activity in FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

- Nike's Phygital NFTs: Launching a Cryptokicks IRL Exclusive NFT collection with web3 studio RTFKT

- A New Starbucks Odyssey: Launching NFTs via a blockchain-based loyalty program

- Luxury Brand meets Digital bears: Dolce & Gabbana collaborates with Gianpiero D’Alessandro for this masterpiece

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Without further delay, let's get started!

Renault Launches GenR5 - The Brand's First NFT Collection In Celebration Of The 50th Anniversary Of The Renault 5 Model

French automobile manufacturer Renault has announced the launch of its first NFT collection called genR5, in celebration of the 50th birthday anniversary of the Renault 5 model. The Renault genR5 NFT collection will be available for sale starting December 15 and consists of 1972 non-fungible tokens, as a nod to 1972, the year when the Renault 5 model was launched.

GenR5 is the company's debut NFT collection and also marks the launch of R3NLT, the brand's Web3 platform that will exclusively host Renault's NFTs sales. Renault aims to expand its audience and bring fans closer to the brand with the R3NLT platform, similar to other car manufacturers like Porsche, who have also recently entered the Web 3.0 and NFT space.

The NFTs in the collection consist of a 9-second video based on four models of Renault 5, namely the electric Renault 5 (100 NFTs), Renault 5 Turbo (160 NFTs), Renault 5 Le Car Van (450 NFTs), and the Renault 5 TL with 1,262 NFTs.

Owners of one of the Renault genR5 will get exclusive benefits, such as invitations to future Renault events or drops, test drives, meetings with the brand designers, or a chance to be one of the co-creators of a future limited-edition collection of merchandise called "The Originals".

All buyers of one of the NFTs from the genR5 collection will automatically become sponsors of "Give Me Five", a Renault initiative that involves refurbishing tennis courts in working-class neighborhoods.

Coca-Cola Teaming Up With Crypto.com To Launch NFT Collection Based On FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

Soft drink giant Coca-Cola Company has teamed up with the leading cryptocurrency exchange and NFT platform Crypto.com to launch an NFT collection inspired by the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 called "Pieces of Magic."

There are 10,000 NFTs available in the new collection, created by digital artist GMUNK and based on heatmaps, virtual representations of actual player movements, and highlights from the FIFA World Cup 2022 tournament.

To claim one of the NFTs from the Coca-Cola Pieces of Magic collection, you will first need to create an account with the Crypto.com NFT platform (where the NFTs are hosted) and register on Coca-Cola's fan zone page. The Coca-Cola fan zone is a digital hub focused on the Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup that includes predictions, pledges, leaderboards, fan competition, and real-time interactions with the tournament.  

The official Crypto.com announcement said that registrations for the Pieces of Magic NFT collection will be available globally, although some users have reported that registration is only available on the Coca-Cola fan zone for residents of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates.

According to GMUNK, the creator of the digital artwork in the collection, he used soccer data as a paintbrush and the source of his inspiration was the determination and passion of the players from the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

Nike Joins The Move To Earn Movement By Launching Its Cryptokicks iRL NFT Collection On Its Platform RTFKT

Leading footwear and apparel company Nike, Inc. announced the launch of a 19,000 sneakers NFT collection based on the 1989 Air Mag model designed by Tinker Hatfield. The NFT collection, called Cryptokicks IRL is the first smart sneakers collection released by Nike in partnership with its NFT and Web3 platform RTFKT.

The limited-edition sneakers come in 4 colors available to be chosen by collectors, namely Stone, Space Matte, Ice, and Blackout. As the name says, move to earn refers to sneakers that can be used to earn cryptocurrency rewards for physical activities, such as running or walking, something that has become popular in the crypto community in recent years.

Notably, owners of one of the NFTs from the Cryptokicks IRL NFT collection will be able to redeem a pair of physical sneakers that are linked to the digital/NFT version through an RTFKT WM Chip.

Nike has seen impressive results after it acquired the RTFKT platform back in December 2021 for an undisclosed amount, with its total volume of NFT sales above $200M after the acquisition and $900M in total.

Starbucks To Launch Non-Fungible Tokens And Starbucks Odyssey - A Blockchain-Based Loyalty Program

American coffeehouse chain Starbucks has recently announced the launch of a new blockchain-based loyalty program called Starbucks Odyssey, which will give customers access to unique benefits and immersive experiences.

As an addition to the Starbucks Rewards loyalty program, the newly launched Starbucks Odyssey program is in the beta phase and hence only available to a limited number of waitlist members, which includes Starbucks employees and regular Starbucks customers.

Participants that were selected will be able to take part in interactive activities called "journeys", such as Starbucks-themed trivia games or a virtual tour of Starbucks' Costa Rica coffee farm. Members who complete a journey will earn NFTs on the Polygon network called journey stamps, as well as Starbucks Odyssey loyalty points that will give them access to other future benefits and experiences.

The goal of the new loyalty program is to make non-fungible tokens (NFTs) accessible to a wider audience, as journey stamps can be bought with a credit card on the Starbucks Odyssey market without a crypto wallet or any digital assets.

Starbucks Odyssey was launched in collaboration with the NFT auction platform Nifty Gateway and the digital collectibles firm Forum3. It is currently only available to USA customers and the number of monthly invitations for waitlist members will increase starting with January 2022.

Dolce & Gabbana And inBetweeners To Release The NFT Drip Collection In Collaboration With GianPiero D’Alessandro

Italian fashion house Dolce & Gabbana has partnered with inBetweeners and UNXD to launch a new NFT collection of 2000 digital bears NFTs, created by the Italian graphic artist GianPiero D’Alessandro - the founder of the inBetweeners - a popular bear-themed 10,777 NFT collection on the OpenSea platform promoting positivity and love through digital bears.

The Dolce & Gabbana x inBetweeners Drip Collection will be launched on OpenSea at 3:00 PM (EST) on December 13th, 2022. NFT collectors will be able to redeem the digital tokens for a wide range of Dolce & Gabbana products, such as hoodies, jackets, backpacks, knitted caps, and others.

Each digital bear is wearing one of the 21 Dolce & Gabbana unique products, which have a corresponding physical version of the product that will be sent to each NFT owner.

The partnership between D&G and inBetweeners aims to bring together the worlds of art and fashion while giving fans of the two brands access to exclusive products and future opportunities.

And that's a wrap!

Thanks for staying till the end, and we hope you’re now better informed on NFT brand activity this week in the space.

Back to The Block, senior executives have stepped up taking decisive action to steer the media company in the right direction. I'm pretty positive on the team behind The Block to continue producing high quality analysis and content despite this setback.

Hope to see you IRL at NFT Paris, February 2023! Till next time, coolkidz.

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