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Lufthansa's "Uptrip" : Elevating Loyalty with NFT Rewards on Polygon

Lufthansa is changing the game in loyalty programs with "Uptrip", where passengers can earn NFT trading cards on the Polygon blockchain. These cards unlock perks like lounge access and miles. Since its soft launch, Uptrip has garnered over 20,000 users and issued 200,000 trading cards, marking Lufthansa's bold entry into the Web3 world. 


RTFKT to Begin Shipping Cryptokicks iRL in Early September!


Legends of the Mara Beta Launching in September by Otherside (Yuga Labs)

Otherside, under Yuga Labs, is set to launch the open beta for Legends of the Mara (LoTM) in September. In collaboration with the gaming sutdio Faraway, they're also working on a significant expansion using Unity. They're eager to involve the community early, allowing players to experience the game, provide feedback, and shape its development.


X (Twitter) gets a license for crypto trading and payments

In a significant development, Rhode Island regulators have granted a currency transmitter license to 'X,' formerly known as Twitter. This move signals the company's ambitious expansion into the financial services sector, particularly within the realm of digital assets.

This newly acquired license in Rhode Island places 'X' among the ranks of cryptocurrency exchanges, digital wallets, and payment processors authorized to manage virtual currency transactions on behalf of others. It's essential to note that this license pertains specifically to Rhode Island, one of the 50 US states.

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