What's Brand New? September 20th

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Nakamigos new collection : Cloaks

Nakamigos is gearing up for an exciting launch of their latest collection, Nakamigos-CLOAKS! Here's what you need to know: The Early Access Mint is set for September 21st, 2023, from 12pm to 3pm EST, and it's absolutely FREE for Nakamigos holders who were part of the 9/19/23 snapshot. If you miss the early window, don't worry; the Public Mint kicks off on the same day at 4pm EST, with a price of 0.05Ξ, open to everyone. Nakamigos-CLOAKS promises a unique NFT experience with worldwide gaming and commercial rights.


Digital Artist Stephy Fung made her debut in physical

Digital Artist Stephy Fung just made her London Fashion Week debut by bringing her digital fashion vision to life with her first ever physical piece! 


Sorare cards are entering a new dimension !

Exciting news from Sorare! The 2023/24 Premier League & Bundesliga cards are going 3D and interactive.

Elevating your managerial career to new heights, this exciting update builds a bridge from XR to gaming.


Telegram integrates crypto wallet

Telegram is set to introduce TON Space, a crypto wallet built on The Open Network (TON), to its 800 million monthly active users. This self-custodial wallet will be accessible through Telegram settings. Starting immediately, Telegram Wallet users can access TON Space, while from November onwards, it will become available to all global Telegram users, except those in the U.S. and select other countries.

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