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On this edition: 

  • AI News: OpenAI’s New Text-to-3D Model, Google's upcoming AI updates at I/O event, and Salesforce's Slack GPT.
  • NFT News: Pudgy Penguins Joins the Hollywood NFT club with WME Signing, The Solana NFT Showdown, and DeGods joins Blur's Blend Platform.
  • XR Spotlight: Augmented Reality Ring by Piper_zy
  • A curated list of 5 AI tools you won't want to miss!

AI Trends and News

1. OpenAI releases their new text-to-3D

OpenAI has released research and code for their new text-to-3D model, Shap-E. Although currently limited to single object prompts with simple attributes, AI advancements could make text-to-3D printers a reality in the near future.

2. Google Set to Reveal Significant AI Updates at Its I/O Event

Google is expected to announce significant AI updates at its upcoming I/O event, including PaLM 2, capable of handling over 100 languages, and "generative experiences for search and Bard," which could potentially infuse Google search with AI. Additionally, AI Workspace tools will be introduced, including generative AI integration in Sheets, Slides, Meet, Gmail, and Docs.

3. Salesforce announces Slack GPT

Salesforce has announced Slack GPT, a new generative AI experience for Slack that aims to enhance productivity for users without disrupting how they use the platform. The features of Slack GPT include natively integrated AI, customizable automated workflows, and a dedicated Einstein GPT app for Slack.

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What’s New in NFTs? 


1. Pudgy Penguins partners with Hollywood agency WME for expanded reach

Pudgy Penguins has teamed up with Hollywood talent agency WME to bring their lovable penguin characters to a wider audience through movies, TV shows, and video games. This partnership follows the trend of NFT projects collaborating with Hollywood for increased visibility. WME represents several notable figures in the NFT space, making this a significant milestone for Pudgy Penguins.

2. Solana Foundation announces the NFT Showdown

Solana Foundation announces NFT pitch competition, the Solana NFT Showdown aiming to foster the next generation of NFT brands. The competition invites creators to pitch their business ideas for Solana NFT brands that aim to create real-world products in verticals such as fashion, entertainment, gaming, and creative agencies. The competition offers the chance to collaborate with industry experts and NFT community leaders, making it a rare opportunity for budding NFT entrepreneurs.

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3. DeGods Joins Blur's Blend Platform

DeGods, the popular NFT project has partnered with Blur's Blend platform. The collaboration allows DeGods holders to borrow up to 7.6 ETH using their NFTs as collateral or buy new DeGods for only 1 ETH. This integration is expected to increase the utility and liquidity of DeGods in the NFT market.

XR Spotlight


Augmented Reality Ring by @Piper_zy

Useful AI Tools 🔨


Opus: An AI tool that can automatically repurpose long videos into shorts in one click.
Codeium: A free AI-powered toolkit for developers.
Wale: An AI writing assistant that generates high-quality prompts and ideas based on your custom datasets. 
Columns: A research platform that has a new AI feature that helps users discover public research data.
AudioPen: An AI tool that can convert voice notes into summarized text.

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