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On this edition: 

  • AI News: ChatGPT Mobile App, G7 Summit & AI Governance, and Google's new AI model Soundstorm.
  • NFT News: Azuki sub-communities, Axie Infinity's AppStore Launch, and Pudgy Penguins Toys Amazing Debut on Amazon.
  • XR Spotlight: A day in the life of Digital Fashion Artist Stephy Fung.
  • A curated list of 5 AI tools you won't want to miss!

AI Trends and News

1. OpenAI Launches ChatGPT Mobile App for iOS Devices

OpenAI has recently introduced the ChatGPT mobile app, catering to iPhone and iPad users. Available on the App Store, the ChatGPT app provides on-the-go access to the power of conversational AI. Although currently limited to the United States, OpenAI has plans to expand its availability to other countries in the upcoming weeks. Android users can also look forward to an Android version of the app, which is currently under development and set to be released soon.

2. Global Leaders Unite for AI Governance at G7 Summit

During the G7 summit held in Hiroshima, global leaders recognized the significance of establishing governance frameworks for AI and immersive technologies. The discussions resulted in the initiation of the "Hiroshima AI process," a forthcoming international platform that will foster crucial conversations surrounding AI governance. Anticipated to commence later this year, the Hiroshima AI process aims to address the key challenges and opportunities associated with the responsible development and deployment of AI technologies on a global scale.

3. Google Introduces SoundStorm: A Next-Generation Audio Model

Google has recently revealed SoundStorm, an advanced audio model designed to generate high-quality audio with improved consistency. This cutting-edge model performs at an impressive speed, operating 100 times faster than previous models. In fact, using a TPU-v4, SoundStorm can produce 30 seconds of audio in just half a second. Leveraging transcript annotations and concise voice prompts, SoundStorm creates incredibly realistic dialogues that are sure to captivate listeners and push the boundaries of audio generation technology.

What’s New in NFTs? 


1. Azuki Launches Community Page Showcasing Diverse Azuki Communities

Azuki has recently unveiled a dedicated community page to celebrate the vibrant and diverse Azuki communities. This new initiative aims to highlight the various groups and individuals who contribute to the thriving Azuki ecosystem. By showcasing the unique talents, projects, and collaborations within the Azuki community, this page serves as a hub of creativity and connection for NFT enthusiasts

2. Axie Infinity: Origins Card Game Expands Availability on Apple App Store

Sky Mavis, the creator of the project Axie Infinity, is bringing its Axie Infinity: Origins card game to the Apple App Store. Following its previous availability in limited regions on the Google Play store and through Mavis Hub, the card-based strategy game will now be accessible to players in key markets where Axie Infinity has gained significant popularity. The game will first launch in Latin America and Asia. With over 1.5 million installs across platforms, Axie Infinity aims to expand its reach and engage mobile users globally through Google and Apple platforms.

3. Pudgy Penguins Toys Makes a Remarkable Debut on Amazon

Pudgy Penguins made an incredible entry into the market with an amazing debut on Amazon. Within the first two days, the project witnessed remarkable success, generating over $500,000 in purchases and selling more than 20,000 individual Pudgy Penguins toys. This exceptional achievement showcases the strong demand and enthusiasm surrounding the Pudgy Penguins brand.

XR Spotlight

A day in the life of Digital Fashion Artist Stephy Fung.

Useful AI Tools 🔨

  • Palette: AI-powered image colorization tool.
  • Dora AI: Generate 3D websites with a single prompt.
  • TaxGPT: Automated tax filing using AI.
  • Scribble to Art: Turn your drawings into AI art.
  • Shortform: Instant web page or video summarization.

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