What's Brand New? May 11th

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On this edition: 

  • AI News: Midjourney 5.1 release, IBM's AI platform for enterprises, and Meta's multisensory model.
  • NFT News: Elon Musk's impact on Milady NFTs, Bitcoin Ordinals on Binance NFT Marketplace, and Pudgy Penguins' seed funding round.
  • XR Spotlight: Gorillaz's immersive AR at Coachella.
  • A curated list of 5 AI tools you won't want to miss!

AI Trends and News

1. Midjourney 5.1 Enhancements for Advanced AI Image Generation

Midjourney, the leading AI image generation tool, has unveiled version 5.1 with significant improvements in coherence, accuracy, image sharpness, and natural lighting. Users can access the latest update by visiting the Midjourney Discord and selecting their preferred settings. 

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2. IBM Introduces Watsonx, an AI Platform for Enterprise Solutions

IBM continues its AI-focused initiatives with the launch of Watsonx, a powerful AI platform tailored to assist businesses in developing and utilizing AI models. With Watsonx, IBM offers cost-effective infrastructure and pre-trained enterprise models, demonstrating their commitment to advancing AI capabilities. As they intensify their AI efforts, IBM faces the challenge of keeping up with tech giants like Google, Meta, and Microsoft. The industry eagerly awaits how IBM's AI endeavors will unfold in the future.

3. Meta Unveils ImageBind: Open-Source Multisensory AI Model

Meta has released ImageBind, an open-source AI model that integrates text, audio, visual, movement, thermal, and depth data. This breakthrough model enables multimodal search, embedding-space arithmetic, and audio-to-image generation, opening up new possibilities in multimedia search, VR, and robotics. Meta's commitment to open-source projects drives innovation in AI research.

What’s New in NFTs? 


1. Elon Musk's Meme Sparks Frenzy in NFT Space

Elon Musk's tweet featuring a meme created with Milady NFT imagery caused a surge in interest and prices for the Milady NFT collection. The floor price of Milady NFTs skyrocketed from 3.8 ETH to a peak of 7.3 ETH, igniting excitement and conversation within the NFT community on Twitter. The power of influential figures in shaping NFT trends is evident once again.

2. Binance NFT Marketplace Adds Bitcoin Ordinals

Binance is integrating Bitcoin Ordinals into its NFT marketplace, enabling direct trading without separate wallets. The move recognizes Bitcoin's importance in the crypto industry. Inscription marketplaces like Ordswap and Ordinals Market have emerged, and even Solana NFT marketplace Magic Eden has joined the trend.
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3. Pudgy Penguins Raises $9M in Seed Funding

Pudgy Penguins has secured $9 million in seed funding led by 1kx. The funding will support the expansion of the company's intellectual property and team. Following a change in leadership and acquisition by entrepreneur Luca Schnetzler (Netz), Pudgy Penguins has experienced growth with licensing deals, social media campaigns, and the introduction of live events. The project offers holders opportunities for monetization and utilization, including physical goods.

XR Spotlight


Gorillaz Stuns with AR Installation at Coachella

Gorillaz wowed audiences at Coachella with a groundbreaking AR installation that elevated their live performance for remote viewers. The immersive experience pushed the boundaries of what is possible in a virtual concert setting.
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Useful AI Tools 🔨


  • Acapela: Create a digital copy of your voice to maintain your identity.
  • Browse.ai: Scrape any website
  • Glasp: Summarize YouTube videos with this GPT-powered Chrome extension.
  • Sheetplus.ai: Write excel formulas with ai
  • Personal AI: Train an AI that sounds like you based on your messages.

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