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Azuki Elementals Cause Panic Sell-Off and Floor Price Drop

The recent release of Azuki Elementals NFTs resulted in a swift sell-out and subsequent panic sell-off by long-term Azuki NFT holders. This led to a significant drop in floor prices across the entire Azuki ecosystem. The Azuki team held a community call to address concerns and discussed plans for future developments, including the proposal of community voting on updates and the announcement of an upcoming Azuki anime series. Despite the challenges, the team remains committed to engaging holders and improving the Azuki experience.




Gutter Cat Gang, Puma, and LaMelo Ball join forces for a groundbreaking collaboration, introducing the GutterMelo MB.03 NFT sneaker collection.

This fusion of fashion and web3 technology revolutionizes hoops apparel and fashion, allowing enthusiasts to express their style on and off the court. The collection integrates digital collectibles and NFTs, providing both digital and physical ownership. With its distinctive design and the rise of NFTs in fashion, the GutterMelo MB.03 collection empowers personal expression and bridges the gap between the physical and digital realms.




Ubisoft unveils its latest Web3 game, Champions Tactics: Grimoria Chronicles, a player-versus-player tactical RPG built on the Oasys blockchain. This original game features mythical Champions engaging in thrilling battles and exploring the dark and mystical world of Grimoria. It will be Ubisoft's first game on the Oasys network, joining other gaming giants like Square Enix and Sega. While details are still limited, the game is expected to have a dedicated desktop application and may incorporate NFTs or tokens. Ubisoft's venture into the Web3 space continues, following its previous integration of NFTs in games like Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Breakpoint and partnerships with platforms like The Sandbox.




DeFi suffers over $204 million in losses from hacks and scams in Q2 2023, according to a report by De.Fi. The initial loss reached $208.5 million, but some funds were recovered through law enforcement and deals with hackers. The number of incidents in the DeFi space increased nearly sevenfold compared to the same quarter last year. However, the total amount lost was much lower than the previous year's $40 billion.



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