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OpenSea introduces a new groundbreaking feature : "Deals"

Users can now offer a combination of their NFTs for others, enhancing flexibility and security. Powered by the Seaport protocol, the feature ensures gas efficiency and reliability in transactions. Deals eliminate shady direct messages and external websites, enabling users to negotiate, view, and accept deals directly on OpenSea's platform. Though currently supporting ERC-721 NFTs, this innovation reflects OpenSea's commitment to enhancing user experience and shaping the future of NFT trading.


Louis Vuitton's iconic Speedy bag, in collaboration with Pharrell, is reimagined as the Speedy 40 VIA, now available as a digital collectible. 

The physical version will be released in January 2024. Pharrell, the brand's Men's Creative Director, has been working with LV, adding his touch to the classic style. The Speedy has been a coveted item since its creation in the early 20th century, worn by celebrities like Audrey Hepburn and Paris Hilton. VIA is Louis Vuitton's venture into Web3, with Treasure Trunk NFT holders having exclusive access to the Speedy 40 VIA. The VIA strategy blends the brand's history with the digital realm, offering luxury travel and fashion through NFT collections. Pharrell's appearances with the $1 million bright yellow Speedy bag have garnered attention since the Paris Fashion Week show in June.


The Sandbox Game and Code Green Unite : "Play to Earn & Heal"

The vision behind this partnership is "Play to Earn & Heal," where gaming meets real-life positive actions. Together, they are creating a groundbreaking metaverse project aimed at bridging the virtual world with tangible environmental impact.

Introducing the "HEAL" NFT collection, each purchase will plant a tree on Earth and provide clean water access for one person for life. Additionally, a portion of the proceeds will fund the Code Green XGOOD-DAO, supporting grassroots initiatives in the Web3 space.


Crypto Exchanges Swiftly List Worldcoin's WLD Token After Launch

Worldcoin's newly launched WLD token has quickly gained listing on several leading crypto exchanges, including Binance, Bybit, Huobi, OKX, and Gate. As the native token of Worldcoin, a cryptocurrency project spearheaded by Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, WLD plays a crucial role in the project's mission to establish a decentralized identity and payment protocol. The innovative biometric verification process, which involves scanning users' eyes, sets Worldcoin apart in the crypto space.

Shortly after its launch, WLD witnessed an impressive surge in value, soaring from $0.3 to highs of $2.79 within a matter of minutes. With a total token supply of 10 billion, the fully diluted value of WLD currently stands at an impressive $25.6 billion.

Worldcoin's ambitious goal of revolutionizing decentralized identity and authentication has gained momentum as more exchanges join the project. The unique biometric verification system offers a novel approach to secure user authentication, positioning Worldcoin as a promising player in the crypto-world.

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