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Pudgy Penguins "Banana Suit" collectible sold out in 7 seconds

The Banana Suit collectible, is based on the 1/1 Banana Pudgy Penguin #2447. Pudgy Penguins' goal with these drops is to invade the traditional collector market with the Pudgy Penguins IP. As they aim to become the face of NFTs, this high-value market outside of Web3 is one they want to invade and introduce to Pudgy Penguins.


Lacoste's UNDW3 introduces "The Mission," an immersive NFT quest that takes you on a dynamic adventure.

Lacoste's UNDW3 launches an interactive NFT quest, offering exclusive benefits and rewards to cardholders who engage in collaborative missions, track their progress on a personal dashboard, and ascend the ranks within the web3 community.


Sega's x Line Next Collaboration for Web3 Game Amidst Sonic The Hedgehog and Yakuza NFT Retreat

Sega teams up with Line Next to create a revolutionary Web3 game on the Game Dosi platform, utilizing Sega's iconic game IPs. Line Next will not only develop the game but also support NFT production, digital payments, and marketing activities to popularize Web3 gaming. However, Sega has decided to step back from developing Sonic The Hedgehog and Yakuza NFTs due to concerns over cryptocurrency-related crimes and scandals. This reflects a growing trend among game companies to prioritize safeguarding their content and brand reputation.


Hong Kong Government Launches Web3 Task Force for Sustainable Crypto Development

Hong Kong establishes a web3 task force, chaired by the Financial Secretary, to drive responsible and sustainable cryptocurrency development. The task force consists of 15 non-official members, key government officials, and financial regulators. Hong Kong aims to position itself as a leading hub for web3 technologies, attracting top companies and talent while striking a balance between regulation and growth.

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