What's Brand New? August 29th

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Mercedes-Benz Introduces NXT Icons collectibles : "The Era of Luxury"

The NXT Icons collectibles aims to illustrate the historic designs of Mercedes-Benz across seven distinctive eras. The first era, titled “The Era of Luxury” is set to mint on September 5th : 2,694 digital collectibles to mint via a Dutch auction, the prices descend from a lofty start to 0.1 ETH, ensuring a fair buying experience. Token holders like "Maschine" and Mercedes-Benz NXT Eternities gain free access. This innovative move combines tradition and digital innovation, marking a significant step in collectibles' evolution.


Pudgy Penguins' Clothing Brand Takes the Stage : Igloo

Unveiling Igloo, a new venture by Pudgy Penguins, designed for a diverse clothing audience. The inaugural collection is now live, marking a significant step in the brand's growth. Explore and purchase from the Igloo drop at https://igloo.shop.


ChimpersNFT launches its new web3 arcade game : Dragon Dash

Introducing Dragon Dash, the latest exhilarating arcade game by Chimpers set to captivate. Engage in the public arcade game during the 10 days of launch for an opportunity to secure fantastic Chimpish rewards in an exciting prize draw!


Solana Pay Joins Forces with Shopify for Web3 Native Payments

Solana Pay has integrated with Shopify, enabling countless entrepreneurs and merchants to accept fast, transaction-fee-free web3 native payments until the end of 2023. This collaboration amplifies seamless payment experiences and paves the way for innovative commerce practices.

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