Unpaired Is Coming To NFT Paris

We are delighted to have Unpaired come to NFT Paris 2023.

Unpaired, a community of artists and web3 enthusiasts, is the title sponsor this year and their project Party Degens organises the Official Closing Party.

Read more about what Unpaired is about below!

Here's our content in-brief:

  • Unpaired: Find out what Unpaired is and its main projects and initiatives.
  • Party Degens: Learn about this project powered by Unpaired that gives NFT owners access to unique perks, events, and experiences.
  • Our Partnership: Unpaired x NFT Paris

What Is Unpaired?

Unpaired is an experimental collective and global community that connects artists, thinkers, innovators, taste-makers, and collectors through emerging Web3 technology and a series of on-chain and IRL experiences. 

Founded in October 2021 by Aleks Kay, Raluca Cherciu and Daniel Maegaard (aka Seedphrase), Unpaired LTD operates from its headquarters in the Crypto Valley, Switzerland and has been on a mission to shape the creative economy and make the world a more expressive and connected place by pushing the boundaries of technology with its ambitious projects. 

Unpaired unites a global community of leaders, artists, innovators & thinkers through on-chain and IRL experiences that push the boundaries of what emerging tech is capable of.

Some of their projects include:

- $PAIRED. Coin: set to launch this summer, PAIRED is a collaborative endeavour that brings together prestigious institutions, influential scientists, thought leaders and NFT communities across diverse chains to write a new chapter on how blockchain technology can be leveraged to enhance people’s lives.

- Unpaired. Foundation: A global initiative that supports and empowers the future generation of artists and creators through its mentorship and skill training programs in the NFTs, Web3, Metaverse, and crypto art fields.

- Unpaired. NFT Gallery: Switzerland’s first permanent NFT gallery, located within the Crypto Valley—home to Ethereum, Cardano and Tezos. 

Notably, the Unpaired. NFT Gallery project has featured some of the world's most talented artists from the NFT community, including Mad Dog Jones, Beeple, Takashi Murakami, Claire Silver, Refik Anadol, Aeforia, Sixnfive, MBSJQ, and others. 

Unpaired. NFT Gallery is a space that fosters in-real life connection, knowledge-sharing, and innovatively experiencing art. ‍

PartyDegens: An Unpaired Project

Another important project powered by Unpaired is PartyDegens, a collective of party lovers, artists, coders, travellers, and collectors, created to connect community members to what they love, through a new model of value and culture. 

The Party Degens Members’ Club NFTs unlock access to exclusive events in both real life and the metaverse, as well as to the world's best digital art collections and music. Some of the artists that PartyDegens works with are Yam Karkai, Cory Van Lew, Dario De Siena, Hackatao, Peter Tarka, and Blake Kathryn.

PartyDegens NFT holders enjoy a series of event access, benefits and perks, such as discounted accommodation, transportation and more through PartyDegens' luxury partners, as well as access to events in cities like Paris, Ibiza, Tulum, NYC, Sydney, Miami, Lisbon, Bali, and many others. 

A new mechanism called rEVOLUTION has been introduced by PartyDegens last year, which enabled token owners to add new designs to their original NFTs ,introducing an innovative concept called dual metadata. 

Their roadmap for the near future seems pretty exciting, and that's what we need in these tough times in space.

How Is Unpaired Partnering With NFT Paris?

Unpaired is the title sponsor of NFT Paris event and and their project Party Degens organises the Official Closing Party.

Raluca, CEO and co-founder of Unpaired & PartyDegens, will present the talk, The Friend Connection, together with CMO Kimberly Knoller on the Main Stage (February 24th - 12:45PM). This one is definitely a talk not to miss!

Kimberly, formerly Pixelynx, Warner Music, and a seasoned music executive, will also speak on the Main Stage panel "NFT Music" with Agoria, Cooper, Medved (Feb. 25th - 3:30PM)

Agoria is also one of the headliners at the highly anticipated official closing party at NewCap Centre on Saturday, don't miss the afterparty!

Closing Thoughts

In summary, when creatives, thinkers, and leaders come together in web3, great solutions and products are made. With communities such as Unpaired leading at the forefront of web3, it envisions a brighter future of what decentralisation can do for our society.

Back to the event, we hope to see you soon at NFT Paris 2023. Till then, coolkidz!

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