Pindar Van Arman X NFT Paris Present: Reflection

Pindar Van Arman X NFT Paris Present: Reflection – A Milestone in AI and Generative Art

In the first curated art release by Europe’s largest Web3 event, Pindar Van Arman and NFT Paris join forces to unveil ‘Reflection’, a landmark collection that marks the inception of Reflective AI. The collection of  999 on-chain 1/1 artworks, each priced at 0.33 ETH, is an invitation to join a new direction in generative AI art.

The drop will take place on February 7th at 6PM CET. 

'Reflection' tackles the limits of code-driven art, introducing new ways for AI systems to achieve genuine creativity, and for generative art to transcend algorithmic determinism. All of the artworks are 100% on-chain and feature an innovative transfusion of the physical and the digital that turns the well-known “generated on mint” mechanism into something never before seen. This collection is not just an exhibition of artistic mastery, but also a profound inquiry into the nature of creativity : Can a machine replicate the creative thought processes of a human artist?


Van Arman's journey with AI and robotics began in 2006, focusing on teaching machines to paint with the expressiveness and unpredictability of a child. His cutting-edge Reflective AI system represents a milestone in his nearly 20 years of extensive research and experimentation.

At the heart of ‘Reflection’ is Van Arman’s robotic painting system, which uses his innovative Reflective AI to reflect on the canvas in realtime by leveraging feedback loops and multimodal mark-making. Over the course of thousands of marks, Reflection thinks by doing in an attempt to present a synthetic embodiment of a creative thought process. 

The digital component of Reflection is built with a unique long-form generative approach that utilizes inputs from the physical canvas. The system captures stages of the painting process, translates them to digital format, and composes them on mint. 

This collaboration extends an exclusive invitation to art enthusiasts and collectors. Attendees of the NFT Paris event will have the unique opportunity to meet the artist in person and receive unique mementos to commemorate this ground-breaking exhibition. 

'Reflection' delivers a powerful message about the potential for generative art and AI : these technologies are not just tools but can embody true emergence and touch the very source of creation.

All Reflection holders receive free entry to NFT Paris (current ticketholders are granted an upgrade to VIP pass).

All existing collectors of Van Arman's work are added to the Allow List via snapshot, no further action is required.

All NFT Paris ticketholders have the opportunity to be on the Allow List, by signing up on this premint :

Only ETH addresses that have been submitted to NFT Paris in connection with a ticket purchase will be included in the raffle. All other entries will be discarded.

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