Path to Mainstream: The Digital Fashion Journey

"Digital fashion is not just about what the garment looks like, but also what it does for you." - Francesca Rosella


The landscape of fashion is experiencing a transformative shift as it ventures deeper into the realms of digital innovation. In a recent panel discussion titled "Path to Mainstream: The Digital Fashion Journey," hosted at NF Paris, industry experts explored the intersection of digital and physical fashion, dissecting the complexities and possibilities within this evolving landscape.


  • Julien Rosilio (Web3 & Metaverse strategy, DRESSX)
  • Francesca Rosella (Co-Founder & CCO, CuteCircuit)
  • Stephy Fung (Digital Fashion Artist)
  • James Joseph (Founder, CYBR)
  • Moderated by Demi Karanikolaou (Editor, Harper's Bazaar)

Defining Digital Fashion

The panelists delved into the definition of digital fashion, exploring whether it stands as a separate entity or an integral part of the broader fashion spectrum. While acknowledging its unique characteristics, they emphasized the need to integrate digital fashion seamlessly into the mainstream fashion industry. From augmented reality to wearable technology, digital fashion offers innovative avenues for self-expression and creativity.

Bridging the Gap

Francesca Rosella, renowned for CuteCircuit's pioneering work in wearable technology, highlighted the challenge of bridging the virtual and real worlds in fashion design. As digital-first designers like Stephy Fung push the boundaries of creativity in virtual environments, they face the task of translating their intricate designs into tangible physical garments while maintaining the magic of the digital realm.

The Role of AI

James Joseph underscored the growing significance of AI in fashion, both as a creative tool and an operational asset. While AI streamlines processes and enhances efficiency, it also presents ethical and legal considerations, particularly regarding intellectual property rights. Brands are increasingly leveraging AI to optimize content creation, from generating editorial layouts to refining e-commerce imagery.

Digital Fashion in Practice

Julien Rosilio shared insights into how fashion brands are embracing digital innovation behind the scenes. From utilizing AI for rapid content production to integrating blockchain technology for enhanced traceability, brands are reimagining their operational processes to adapt to the digital age. The panelists emphasized the importance of authenticity and sustainability in driving genuine consumer engagement with digital fashion initiatives.

Looking Ahead

As fashion navigates the complexities of digital transformation, the panelists expressed optimism about the industry's future. While challenges persist, the integration of digital technologies offers unprecedented opportunities for creativity, sustainability, and consumer empowerment. Whether it's creating virtual fashion experiences or revolutionizing e-commerce practices, fashion is poised to embark on a dynamic journey into the digital realm.


The conversation highlighted the dynamic interplay between digital innovation and traditional fashion practices, signaling a paradigm shift in the industry. By embracing digital fashion as an integral part of its evolution, the fashion industry can unlock new avenues for expression, engagement, and sustainability. As the journey continues, collaboration, innovation, and a commitment to authenticity will shape the future of fashion in the digital age.

Watch the full talk here



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