Lens Protocol Is Coming To NFT Paris

We're excited to have Lens Protocol join us at NFT Paris 2023!


Lens Protocol, the user-owned social graph platform, will be having a booth at the NFT Paris Conference. Drop by and say hi!


Here's our content in-brief:

- Lens Protocol: An introduction to Lens Protocol and the Lensverse

- Why It Matters: Breaking down the mission of Lens Protocol and the road ahead

- Lens Protocol x NFT Paris: Our Partnership

Without further ado, let's get into the piece.

Lens Protocol: What Is It All About?

Lens Protocol describes themselves as a decentralized social graph, but what does that even mean? Think: A user-owned social media community. Still too confusing? Let's dive deeper into Lens Protocol.

For starters, Lens Protocol is not a platform. It is a tool that allows users to create a community, just like one does on social media. Founded by Stani Kulechov, web3 entrepreneur and also the founder of AAVE, Lens Protocol was created to entrust the ownership of one's community back to the users.

With Lens Protocol, people can perform functions like how one would normally do so on "traditional" social media. For example:

- Profile: Creating your "account", in the form of an NFT, allowing you to publish content from this digital identity

- Publications: Your "posts", that can come in a variety of media files, but these are not NFTs

- Comment/Mirror: Responding to other posts and reposting other content respectively

- Follow: Following another profile, with the option of token-gating or charging for the follow

This is merely the tip of the iceberg, Lens Protocol provides many other features too! Safe to say, it does not fall short of web2 social media standards.

Built on the Polygon blockchain, Lens Protocol provides a low-cost environment for users to interact with others. Perhaps the low-gas system has made it possible for developers to build tools with Lens Protocol, and consequently, there are quite a number of solutions coders have developed with the protocol, such as most-followed analytics, spaces to listen to music NFTs, and even meme generators.

Truly, Lens Protocol has accomplished a ton despite being less than a year old, and we're sure it has a bright future ahead.

Why The Mission Matters

Lens Protocol was created with the aim of handing the reins of one's community back to the people. But why is this even necessary? Can't we stick to traditional web2 social media platforms?

The idea of a community-owned social graph is as much revolutionary as it is daunting. With the decision-making power back in the hands of users, creators will have more autonomy in choosing how to grow their community. For example, earning revenue from subscriptions instead of ads, if the community finds ads unhelpful and would rather support creators directly.

The Lensverse has made an entire list of possible ways to utilize the protocol, have a read here.

However, removing the web2 social media giants also come with trade-offs. For one, using social media will not be "free", in the sense that people have to interact with the blockchain (which costs gas, at the very least), which is not ideal for some. While we cannot ignore the benefits of decentralization and creator-owned communities Lens Protocol brings, we'll have to work towards solving some of the problems for the wider web2 social media users.

Interested to get started with Lens Protocol? You can start here!

How Is Lens Protocol Partnering With NFT Paris?

Lens Protocol will be setting up a booth at the NFT Paris Conference.

There's sure to be much more information about what they do, why it matters, and how you can participate in the Lens ecosystem (Lensverse), at the IRL booth.

For web3-curious individuals, make sure to drop by... you won't want to miss out!

Closing Thoughts

To summarize, Lens Protocol is revolutionizing the traditional concept of social media, by instead building a social graph for users to interact decentrally. Keeping the convenience of social media, while giving control back to the creators.

We're grateful to have Lens Protocol set up a booth at NFT Paris, and can't wait to see what they have in store for us... how about you? Till then, coolkiz.


Web3 writer who joined the space in the midst of a bullrun, Blowned knows all about HODLing through the dips. I write topics ranging from basic crypto market trends to the CC0 NFT "revolution", and everything in between. In my free time, finding hidden gems and degen NFT flipping is what I grind. Hope my articles have a lasting impact on you, and the web3 space.


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