Kmoney Is Coming To NFT Paris

We are delighted to have Kevin Sonei join us at NFT Paris 2023!


Kevin Sonei (a.k.a Kmoney), self-proclaimed web3 comedian and host of the NGMI Podcast, will be speaking IRL at NFT Paris.


Here's our content in-brief:

- Who Is Kmoney: Introducing Web3's Very Own Comedian

- More On The NGMI Podcast: Casually chatting about the crypto bear market

- Kmoney x NFT Paris: Details On Kmoney Coming To NFT Paris

Who Is Kmoney?

Ever felt that web3 can be dry and repetitive? From chasing the next NFT mint, to joining yet another DAO, or even trying to catch the ETH bottom, I feel you - this space is not for the faintest of hearts. But even the best of us need entertainment, preferably in web3-lingo, and that's where Kmoney sneaks in!

Kevin Sonei (pseudonym: Kmoney) is a self-proclaimed web3 comedian, but I'm sure you'll agree with him too! While typical content creators may post the occasional meme on CT, Kmoney takes things to the next level - he makes web3 parodies.

Imagine CT drama unfolding right before your eyes, that's precisely the definition of crypto "degen" vibes. I especially enjoyed watching one of the parodies Kevin produced a while back, titled "pov: you're in a web3 relationship..."

While Kmoney puts tons of effort into these relatable web3 parodies, that's not all he has. Kevin also hosts the NGMI podcast, which we will discuss more in a bit.

With the quality of videos he's pushing out, it's easy to see how Kmoney has already built a following of over 100K on Twitter despite creating his account about 1.5 years ago, and nearly 500K followers on TikTok. Really excited to see what parodies Kmoney releases in the future!

The NGMI Podcast

NGMI? For the newcomers to the space, this stands for "Not Gonna Make It". Pretty sure the NGMI podcast is going to make it though!

The NGMI Podcast is a weekly web3 chat hosted by Kmoney and fellow NFT influencer Champ. The podcast is young, with its first episode airing barely 3 months ago, but the hosts have been diligently posting episodes as promised.

As you probably guessed from the hosts' personalities and the title of the podcast, the NGMI Podcast is a comedic one, all for a good laugh, chat, and a healthy dose of "copium" we all need in this crypto bear market. With the NGMI Podcast being born in the bear, there's tons of talk about coping with losses, and I find these authentic chats with jokes peppered all over super engaging.

If you need some copium after the FTX hack, do listen in on this episode.

Since the NGMI podcast is still young, having a tight-knit community is expected. Who knows, their authentic fireside chats without focusing too much on the technicals may make them the next big web3 podcast!

How Is Kmoney Partnering With NFT Paris?

We're honored to have Kmoney speak at the NFT Paris Conference!

Ready or not, expect some web3 comedy at NFT Paris 2023... if you've been inactive on CT, now's the time to brush up on your web3 lingo!

More details of Kevin's speech will be released at a later date.

Closing Thoughts

Kmoney is truly a gem in the web3 space, and it's impressive how he created a career out of his experiences of "loss" in crypto. Hey, builders who have lost a ton in this bear market need a community to turn to as well!

I'm sure Kevin's comedic flair will keep us entertained at NFT Paris 2023, don't miss out!

Till then, coolkidz.

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