Art Corner: An NFT Paris Exclusive

We're excited to announce an exciting feature at NFT Paris 2023: The Art Corner.

Over the past 10 weeks, we have carefully curated the top artworks from 100 artists in web3, just for this experience…

Here's our content in-brief:

- The Art Corner: All about our unique concept and what you can expect from this experience

- Our Artists: Behind the process of how we selected artworks from thousands of submissions

- Partners of The Art Corner: Our amazing partners who made this experience possible

Let's dive right into this!

The Art Corner: Concept

Since the birth of NFTs, art has always played a crucial role in the development, adoption, and evolution of NFTs. Even today, most NFT collections still prioritize having quality art, and in a sense, art has become part of the web3 culture.

As a supporter of arts patronage in web3, NFT Paris came up with the concept of the Art Corner. So, what is it all about?

The Art Corner is a full wing in the Grand Palais Ephémère (where NFT Paris 2023 is held), reserved for the art sector. From art installations to NFT exhibitions, the Art Corner is a space for all things art.

But this isn't your typical NFT exhibition. After all, aren't we tired of seeing the same old "expensive" NFTs repeatedly shown at various galleries?

We promise; the Art Corner hits different.

Our Artists: Curation to Perfection

NFT Paris' motto: Where coolkidz meet pioneering brands. Holding true to our words, this was exactly how we planned our art curation process, and in turn, how we are supporting budding creatives.

For the final 10 weeks of 2022, you may have noticed a little campaign we were running on our Twitter page.

The idea was to host weekly curation contests for 10 weeks, with 10 artists per week, amassing 100 creatives by the end of our campaign. This is a brief breakdown of our process:

- Open Call Contests: 10 weeks - 10 artists weekly - 100 artists in total; encouraging web3 artists to submit their artworks for display at NFT Paris

- Special Guest Curations: The best artworks picked by our special guests, including Superchief, OBJKT, clairesilver, and many more

- Final compilation: After the round of shortlisting, displaying artworks at the Art Corner@NFTParis

By opening our doors to the public, we were able to "crowdsource" our artist base, and discover talent within the NFT artist community. So, you can be sure to see tons of new artworks this year at the NFT Paris Conference - perfect for patrons of the arts.

And once again, we thank all of the artists who have participated in our Open Calls. We received overwhelming enthusiasm from you guys, having over 10,000 submissions throughout our campaign, and we are so grateful for your eagerness to be a part of NFT Paris. To those who tried but unfortunately did not get selected, we'll be back next time around and you are free to submit your pieces again! And for those who got picked, congrats, see you (or at least your artwork) at NFT Paris!

Partners Of The Art Corner

As you could tell, the Art Corner is both a time-consuming and financially-draining venture, but we're still determined to push ahead with it anyway. At NFT Paris, we're dedicated to creating the ultimate NFT art experience for you!

But all this would not be remotely possible without the help of our partners and frens in web3.

A big thank you to our Art Corner partners, who made the setup of this wing possible: Daata, JPG, MOCDA, Quantum Art, Quasars, ArtBlocks, SuperchiefGallery, and SuperRare. Also a huge shoutout to our curators of NFT Paris' Open Call Contests, for bringing Art Corner to their respective communities and for their invaluable help in artwork curation: Superchief, WeAreNFTUK, OBJKT, obscuradao, verticalcryptoart, clairesilver, NFTAsiaOfficial, AfricanNFTClub, fxhash, MOCA, and MOCDA.

Closing Thoughts

The Art Corner is a venture by NFT Paris to escape the conventional concepts of an art gallery, and instead, get the best of both worlds. We support budding artists by showcasing their art to the world, while bringing refreshing talent to your eyes at NFT Paris Conference.

This exclusive experience, only at NFT Paris 2023. Are you coming, coolkidz?

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