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IHAM gallery

Digital Art Curator

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Grida has many caps, but it all ends in 'making digital art exhibitions'. She is a director of IHAM gallery in Paris and SuperRare Space, publisher of Nifty gateway, and she directs blind talks in NFC.

Grida is the current art director of the IHAM gallery of Paris, FR, and a prolific NFT artist. As a fashion illustrator, she has worked with Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire, Nylon, Dazed, GQ, Nike, and Chanel. Her education includes graduating from a high school specializing in animation & comics, after which she moved on to major in visual art & publication comics. She then moved on to grad school, continuing her studies in art education, aesthetics, and art history.

As art director of Galerie IHAM, she has hosted 10 different crypto art exhibitions. The first show she directed the design part was the NFT Villa exhibition of May 2021, where 86 artists gathered for Korea's first-ever NFT exhibition. She then moved on to direct Maison de Noel, in which she had 160 artists from France and Korea create Christmas-themed NFT gifts. In the March of 2022, Grida put together the 'Punkism' exhibition, showcasing CryptoPunk derivative art from 100 different artists, officially sanctioned by individual Punk holders who lent out their IP rights.

As a curator, Grida seeks to redefine intermediaries' role in crypto culture. She is currently hosting solo exhibitions of various crypto artists from around the world that dive deep into their biographies.