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Misan Harriman


Founder of Culture3

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Photographer, entrepreneur and social activist Misan Harriman is one of the most widely-shared photographers of the Black Lives Matter movement. He is also the first black person in the 104 year history of British Vogue to shoot the cover of its September issue. In July 2021 he commenced his appointment as Chair of the Southbank Centre, London.

He is the founder of Culture3 whose mission is to explain and explore how the future is being built on blockchains, and what web3 means for culture, commerce, and society.

His strong reportage style and unique eye for narrative has captured the attention of editors and celebrities around the world. From documenting historic moments in history to photographing high profile celebrities, including Meghan Markle & Prince Harry, Angelia Jolie, Jay-Z, Tom Cruise, Julia Roberts, Giorgio Armani, Rhianna, Cate Blanchett and Olivia Colman, Misan is a photographer of extraordinary range.

His commissions include royal, private and high profile portraiture as well as reportage documenting and covering behind the scenes at major awards, music festivals and film sets. His striking images have featured in Vanity Fair, Vogue UK, Harpers Bazaar, People Magazine and The Telegraph among others.

Misan has been described as the most talked about photographer of our time by The Evening Standard.

He has auctioned one of the most shared civil rights images in modern history with Sothebys for charity.

Misan is an outspoken activist supporting Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace, he is also a mental health campaigner with a keen interest in Dyslexia and Neurodiversity. He is currently exploring how web3 can help democratise merit based opportunity for disadvantaged artists on a global scale.

Nigeria born, Misan was educated in England where he developed a life-long love for the arts. This led him to picking up a camera and honing his craft. He is completely self-taught, his work is inspired by Gordon Parks, Sally Mann, Eve Arnold, Bruce Davidson, Norman Parkinson and Peter Lindbergh.