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Megan Kaspar

Firstlight, Red DAO

Founding Member, Red DAO / Managing Director Firstlight

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The managing director of web3 investment at the investment firm Magnetic, Megan Kaspar is renowned as a pioneer in the digital fashion realm.

In October 2021 she became the first person to wear NFT clothing while giving a video interview and was recently featured in Haute Living’s Miami issue wearing a digital outfit by luxury fashion designer Fendi. Kaspar took an early interest in crypto, investing in Bitcoin and other tokens as far back as 2012. She is now a founding member of the fashion-centered Red DAO, a group that purchased one of the most expensive fashion NFTs of all time, “The Doge Crown” by Dolce & Gabbana (423.5 ETH). A staunch advocate of the environmental and social benefits of NFT wearables, Kaspar is doing for NFT fashion what Snoop Dogg and other artists are doing for the music industry.