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Liz Suman


Vice President of Art, Editorial and Web3 Projects

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Liz Suman is Vice President of Art, Editorial and Web3 Projects at Playboy.

Liz oversees the visual and editorial storytelling for Playboy’s physical and digital art collections and projects, including collaborating with contemporary artists to bring Playboy’s NFT collections and IRL art activations to life. She is a founder of the Playboy Rabbitars project and helped lead Playboy’s foray into the world of Web3 in mid-2021. Liz’s current focus is leading content and curation for Playboy’s Web3 work. Previously, Liz served as arts editor and co-executive editor for Playboy magazine. Prior to Playboy, Liz worked as an editorial contributor to publications and brands including Vanity Fair, Time Inc., The Daily Beast and The Discovery Channel.