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Harri Thomas

PROOF / Moonbirds

Director of Product

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Angharad “Harri” Thomas is the Director of Product at PROOF, also known in the space as one half of smart contract and computational art team divergence

PROOF is the NFT and media group behind the Moonbirds, Proof Collective and Oddities communities; art exhibitions and collaborations including Grails; and NFT-space media such as weekly podcast 100 PROOF, the NFT Daily Countdown, and regular artist interviews with founder Kevin Rose.

divergence is known in the NFT art world for pushing the boundaries of Solidity (and breaking OpenSea) with its breakthrough “in-contract” art projects @brotchain and @thekissprecise, as well as the interactive, mathematically-driven PROOF OF {ART}WORK collection. They were also the contract team behind a number of major projects in the space, including PROOF’s early projects as well as PREMINT and gmoney’s Admit One.