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Gmoney is an  investor and the founder of 9dcc.

He initially received attention when he paid 140 Ether (about $176k) in January 2020 for CryptoPunk #8219. The price was a record at the time, and it cemented Gmoney’s status within (and his belief in) the NFT space. In May of 2021, Gmoney launched Delphi INFINFT with crypto research and investment firm Delphi Digital. He's a General Partner with the fund, which invests in a variety of NFT projects. In 2022, he launched Admit One, an NFT-based private group focused on increasing the adoption of cryptographic technologies. The same year, Gmoney launched the Admit One podcast, which covers all things non-fungible, and announced that he was launching a zero-fee marketplace for all things related to the Gmoney brand. Ultimately, he is one of the most prominent NFT collectors and builders in the ecosystem.