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Erika Wykes-Sneyd

Adidas /// Studio (The Three Stripes Studio)

Vice President

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Erika is the founder and head of the brand’s dedicated Web3 team, the /// Studio.

This diverse team of creative DeGens proudly defines all of adidas' global Web 3.0 activities, spanning Strategy, Partnerships, Community & Activations, and Product.

Since joining the brand in 2021, Erika spearheaded adidas’ brand strategy, ‘The New Age of Originality’ – which aims to reposition the trefoil to win premium streetwear consumers globally. Erika’s passion in emerging culture and the open Metaverse inspired her to establish the brand’s pioneering Web3 roadmap - Into the Metaverse - with a focus on the intersection of sport-inspired culture, Web3, collectables and NFTs.