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Ena Berbic


Digital Marketing Director

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Ena Berbic is the Digital Marketing Director at Illuvium DAO.

Based between Paris and Dubai, Ena has experience in Web2 and Web3 game marketing. Her background lies in PC, console, mobile and Web3 gaming. Starting from an assistant marketing position, in 4 years and countless marketing campaigns, game launches, feature updates marketed and nights spent building her team; she has truly grasped how to market a game. She says that learning about crypto gaming opened her eyes to how web3 is revolutionizing all industries: from finance (DeFi), to crypto gaming - shifting power back to the creators via blockchain technology. Prior to Illuvium, Ena worked at Hype (Web3 Marketing Agency) as Head of Gaming Department; Playrion - Paradox Interactive as Product Marketing Manager; Lightbulb Crew and LBC Games as Product Marketing Manager for games published by Focus Entertainment.