Yat Siu Is Coming To NFT Paris

We're honored to have Yat Siu join us at NFT Paris 2023!


The chairman of leading blockchain gaming firm Animoca Brands, Yat Siu, will be speaking IRL at the NFT Paris Conference.


Here's our content in-brief:

- Who Is Yat Siu: A look-back into Yat Siu's career developments and his entrepreneurship journey

- Building Web3 At Animoca Brands: How Animoca Brands rose to fame and their road thus far

- Yat Siu x NFT Paris: Our Partnership‍

Let's get right into it!

Who Is Yat Siu?

Born and raised in Vienna, Austria, Yat Siu is an entrepreneur and angel investor based in Hong Kong. He is the founder of Outblaze, a gaming company, as well as the Chairman and co-founder of Animoca Brands, a gaming software and capital venture company in web3.

While Yat Siu didn't start out as an entrepreneur, he has always been in the tech and gaming industries. His extensive portfolio and experience working for industry leaders in tech must have contributed to his success in his current ventures (i.e. Animoca Brands).

Yat Siu initially worked for Atari Germany, a company that pioneered arcade games, video game consoles, and personal computers back in the 90s. Thereafter, Yat Siu went on to Lexicor as the director and head of operations, as well as for AT&T. 

After his time working for companies in tech, Yat Siu decided to break out on his own. He founded a few companies, including...

- Cybercity (a.k.a. Freenation): Described as "Asia's first free web page and email provider"

- Outblaze: Partially acquired by IBM's Lotus Software Division in 2009, which then became one of the first cloud computing services in Hong Kong

- Animoca Brands: Yat Siu's most successful project, with its last funding round receiving more than $2.2 billion

Let's dive deeper into Animoca Brands, and how it turned out to be Yat Siu's greatest project yet.

Building Web3 At Animoca Brands

Animoca Brands is a familiar name to most in web3.

The company has a wide portfolio of both traditional and blockchain games and hit an impressive $5.9 billion valuation in July 2022. Animoca Brands' latest funding round was held in August 2022 by Temasek and GGV Capital and raised $110 million, a move that increased its valuation to $6 billion, in an attempt to make the company pre-IPO ready. 

But how did they get here?

One of Animoca Brands' most popular video games is The Sandbox, a 3D metaverse open-world game released on November 29, 2021. Notably, The Sandbox video game was initially a 2D game for mobile phones (Android and iOS), released in 2012 by gaming studio Pixowl, and available for PC on Steam since 29 June 2015. The Pixowl company was acquired by Animoca Brands in 2018.

It was The Sandbox that would propel Animoca Brands to greater heights, previously unimaginable, and establish their presence in the metaverse arena.

Animoca Brands used the name of the game for its popular 3D game The Sandbox, which later became one of the world's most popular decentralized games in the blockchain and NFT gaming industry.

Animoca Brands is currently ranking at #5 in the top 50 blockchain gaming companies and The Sandbox ranks at #13 in the top 50 blockchain games list, via data from DAppRadar. In addition, the brand has made investments in other promising blockchain companies and protocols, growing their web3 VC arm alongside their gaming platform.

Truly, Animoca Brands have come a long way, and remain a crucial business building through the crypto bear.

How Is Yat Siu Partnering With NFT Paris?

We're delighted to have Yat Siu speak IRL at the NFT Paris Conference.

The long-time gaming and tech veteran, and successful entrepreneur in web3, will certainly have tons of insights to share with us.

Hope you're as excited as we are for Yat Siu's speech... don't miss out!

Closing Thoughts

To wrap up, Yat Siu is an experienced leader in the web3 space, and has brought much good to the community, especially through his work at Animoca Brands (like building the Sandbox).

We're honored to have him join us at NFT Paris 2023, and can't wait to hear his speech... how about you? See you there, coolkidz!


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