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If you're active on CT, you should have heard of the latest controversy: Art Gobblers. Influencers across the board were whitelisted for this free mint, which shot up to around 15 ETH shortly after launch. But the team claims no foul play, with many lesser-known artists and creators whitelisted too…

NFT arguments aside, welcome back to What's Brand New!

For those who are new, we bring you the biggest NFT and web3 brand news every week, keeping you well-informed on what’s brand new in the space.

Here's our content in-brief:

  • A Solution To Cut Carbon Emissions: AtomicHub partners with Meta Carbon in a bid to curb emissions.
  • NFTs Are Finally Coming To Instagram: Instagram plans to Introduce new NFT minting and trading tool.
  • An Interesting Noah's Ark Themed NFT Story: Rosie Labs and Boarding Noah’s Ark (BNA) will launch an NFT program.
  • Iconic Fashion NFTs From VSD COUTURE: Fashion Brand VSD COUTURE Launches its first NFT Collection in the Metaverse.
  • Move-2-Earn NFTs Break Into IRL: ASICS launching shoes NFTs collectibles On Solana, in partnership with STEPN.

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Let's dive straight into this week's top news!

NFT Marketplace AtomicHub Partners With Meta Carbon In A Bid To Curb Emissions

Leading NFT platform AtomicHub.io has announced a partnership with carbon offset company Meta-Carbon, in a bid to pioneer sustainability in the Web3 world. AtomicHub is an NFT marketplace on the EOS and WAX blockchains, with an impressive record of over 10,000,000 NFT sales.

The partnership aims to make the process of carbon offsetting (reducing carbon emissions) fun and transparent with the help of powerful blockchain technology.

Meta Carbon Inc is a blockchain technology company that helps brands educate their communities on climate change. It allows people and businesses to participate in carbon offsetting using NFTs, Web3, and more.

This collaboration will allow AtomicHub to use APIs from Meta Carbon, enabling the company to offer carbon offsetting to its audience with the launch of two new NFT types (Soulbound NFTs and Merch NFTs).

Soulbound NFTs are transparent carbon offset non-fungible tokens that use receipts from StandForTrees.org and aim to prevent fraud in the Web3 ecosystem. This type of token is non-transferable and uses the Verra Carbon Registry to ensure transparency. On the other hand, Merch NFTS are tradable tokens and work similarly to a loyalty program.

AtomicHub will reward participants in the loyalty program with climate heroes badges of honor and other rewards. Users of the platform are getting the opportunity to support their favorite carbon-reducing projects with every transaction they make.

Digital Collectibles On Instagram - Plans To Introduce New NFT Minting And Trading Feature

Social networking company Instagram has announced that it is developing a built-in NFT tool that will allow users to create and sell non-fungible tokens directly on the platform. The new NFT tool was made public by Meta Platforms, Instagram's parent company (formerly Facebook).

Although all Instagram users will have free access to the NFT tool, in-app purchases will have applicable app store fees. For the minting process, Instagram has chosen Polygon network, a leading blockchain that offers high-speed transactions for low gas fees.

According to a statement by Meta, the new feature will only be available to a select group of artists and creators at the beginning. Among the names selected for early access are the poet and artist Amber Vittoria, urban photographer DrifterShoots, and professional illustrator Ilse Valfré.

Meta's latest push into the NFT space is driven by the belief in the Web3 vision, with the goal of allowing users to leverage blockchain technology and monetize their content better. Both the Facebook and Instagram platforms already support NFTs displaying and allow users to connect their accounts with cryptocurrency wallets.

Rosie Labs And Boarding Noah’s Ark To Launch NFT Program, Raising Awareness For The Environment

Rosie Labs, a global marketing collaborative with headquarters in New York, has announced a partnership with Boarding Noah’s Ark (an artistic initiative based on entertainment). Rosie Labs will launch an NFT program at this year's NFT London event that will take place on November 4-5,  to increase awareness of environmental challenges faced by our society, such as climate change or pollution.

As with the original ark in the story, there will be a limited number of passengers on the digital ark developed by Boarding Noah’s Ark, with only 20,000 seats available. The artwork for the NFT collection contains a series of playful animated monsters and animals of different species created by visual artist Vincent Vigla, BOA's design, and art director.

Those who attend the NFT London event will be among the first who get the chance to own one of the NFTS, which comes with perks that include raffle opportunities, the ability to name a new environmental cause, and other prizes and rewards.

It still needs to be determined which blockchain network will integrate the NFT program, but Rosie Labs said it will be a stable network that will be announced by the collective soon.

Fashion Brand VSD COUTURE Launches Its Debut NFT Collection In A Metaverse Art Gallery

VSD COUTURE, a fashion brand that creates exclusive costumes and art pieces for stage and cinema, announced the launch of its first NFT collection named Sin Geisha in partnership with Metaverser (a multi-platform Metaverse company).

The collection was first unveiled on November 2'nd in Metaverser's Art Gallery and contains 6 ERC-1155 tokens, each representing an artwork created by VSD COUTURE's designer and owner, a female artist by the name of Laganza.

In her vision, the collection empowers Asian women, exemplifying that a woman can still be sexy even when fully dressed, without the need for nudity to impress or be iconic.

Digital collectors who purchase NFTS will receive $BABA token rewards based on the amount of the purchase, with 5,000 $BABA awarded for a $150 NFT purchase and 10,000 $BABA if you purchase at least $300 worth of NFTS. In addition, users who also own the NFT in the Metaverse will receive a %30 reward boost.

ASICS Will Launch Running Shoes NFT Collectibles On Solana In Collaboration With STEPN

ASICS (from Latin Anima Sana In Corpore Sano), a Japanese multinational sportswear brand specializing in sports footwear, has recently announced the launch of the ASICS X SOLANA UI Collection, a collection of GT-2000 11 physical running shoes, which can be purchased exclusively with USDC on Solana Pay.

Those who purchase a pair of shoes will get the chance to win one of the limited-edition ASICS x STEPN GT-2000 NFTs. STEPN is one of the largest paid-to-move apps in the world, with over 1 million active users from around the world.

Pre-ordering for the GT-2000 11 running shoes will be available for five consecutive days (November 4-8) and cost $200 USDC, with two Solana-inspired designs available, the light mode and dark mode.

When customers order shoes from the ASICS SOLANA UI Collection, they will also get an ASICS Badge NFT, which provides access to future ASICS reward campaigns.

According to Joe Pace, ASICS director of Web3, the launch of the SOLANA UI Collection is a step forward in Web3 commerce for ASICS, and the company is proud to leverage STEPN and Solana Pay in its mission to promote healthy habits.

And that's a wrap!

Thanks for staying till the end, and we hope you’re now better informed on NFT brand activity this week in the space.

Back to the mint of Art Gobblers, do you think we should keep the whitelist meta? How can we ensure that those given the privilege to mint are genuine, and not reserved for influencers alone? Either way, we think Art Gobblers did a commendable job giving Whitelist spots to budding artists and content creators.

Do let us know if there's anything else you'd like to see on our newsletter.

Hope to see you IRL at NFT Paris, February 2023! Till next time, coolkidz.

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