Top 7 Best NFT Events To Keep An Eye Out For

These past few weeks, we have been facing tough times in the crypto and NFT markets. $BTC & $ETH dipping over 30%, the jaw-dropping crash of Terra-Luna, and other macro factors have triggered mass FUD in the space. If your newsfeed shares any resemblance to mine, it may be filled with media FUD of the “crypto bubble bursting”.

media FUD. 

Or perhaps, your normie friends IRL are showing you charts of the $LUNA crash, and calling all cryptocurrencies and NFTs a huge Ponzi.

Now unfortunately, that is the world most of us live in. With the lack of crypto-bros/gals in the real world, we can only discuss such topics with online friends on Twitter or in specific Discord groups. After a while, this can seem too… disconnected from reality. And hence, here is where NFT conferences and NFT events come in.
Yes, finally IRL connections. 

NFT conferences and events are meetups open to NFT influencers, collectors, investors, entrepreneurs and even the enthusiast, all gathering to celebrate JPEGs on the blockchain. Listening to talks by experts, gaining insights on new projects in the space, plus meeting with like-minded individuals are some things you can expect at such events.

So, if you’re finally ready to meet NFT’ers face-to-face instead of staring at their PFPs, we’d definitely recommend attending NFT events to connect and network! Here are some highly-anticipated NFT conferences you should attend in 2022.


On the topic of IRL NFT events, NFT NYC is no doubt the first that comes to mind. This NFT event is the largest and most anticipated conference all year round, and here’s where all the biggest names in the space will be at.

The SuperBowl of NFTs.

~ Coinbase

As Coinbase simply put it, NFT NYC is THE event to attend. Here’s a quick background of NFT NYC.


Hosting its inaugural event in 2018 at the heart of NYC, NFT NYC was one of the first establishments to host such a conference. So this year would be the 4th NFT NYC event; meaning the team has more experience than most in creating a meaningful and activity-packed event.

NFT NYC was founded with three goals in mind: To give the community a voice through guest speeches, connect NFTers IRL, and proselytize (or educate) others about NFTs as a whole. The core team of 10, 12 stage managers, and over a hundred volunteers will be helping out with the preparation of NFT NYC this year. You are in good hands.

Event Details

NFT NYC is yet to be held, but we’re coming close to the day itself!

  • Date: 20 - 23 June 2022
  • Location: Times Square, New York
  • Registration: Open (Late Admissions, closing mid-June)

As per previous years, NFT NYC will be hosted at Times Square this 2022, and you can be sure to see Billboards filled with all things NFT!

The NFT conference will has invited over 1500 guest speakers, and literally all the NFT celebrities will be present. NFT NYC has also partnered with tons of sponsors, including Coinbase NFT and MoonPay, along with other smaller brands who would be sharing their projects at the event.

NFT NYC will be covering a huge span of NFT topics throughout the 4 days, including NFTs in Sports, Brands, Film, and more. There will also be some new features such as this year’s “Unconference”, where two open stages are available for speakers to go up and make a 10-minute speech, though on an FCFS basis.

Of course, we wouldn’t need to mention their itinerary of NFT galleries, product walkthroughs, and more interactive activities which will make up a chunk of the NFT event.


Registration rounds for “Early Bird” and “General Admission” have closed, but you can still purchase a “Late General Admission” or “Late VIP” ticket for the price of $749 and $1749 respectively. Applying after 13 June will drop you in the “Last Minute” category, where the price goes up a notch again. And of course, this can be paid in ETH/BTC. Attendees and speakers will also be given NFTs as Proof of Attendance, something akin to POAP if you’re familiar with that.

See you soon at NFT NYC!

NFT London

NFT London, or NFT_LDN (so we don’t confuse it with others), is an NFT conference for those in the UK who couldn’t make it to NFT NYC just a few weeks earlier. However, NFT London was more toned down than its counterparts in New York City, but still a modest event to get together. Here is some background info about NFT_LDN.


To the best of our knowledge, NFT_LDN hosted its first event last November, so it is a relatively new event. Drawing inspiration from many other IRL NFT events around the world, NFT_LDN hopes to bring people together to explore multifaceted areas of NFT art, plus connect with other crypto bros.

Event Details

Here’s a short blurb on what happened at NFT_LDN!

  • Date: 6 - 7 November 2021
  • Location: Unit London Art Gallery, London
  • Registration: Closed

With a smaller audience, NFT_LDN’s events were mainly focused on speeches by various experts, and panels for NFT discussion. There was a bit of the NFT art aspect in the event as well.

NFT London !

There were in fact some notable sponsors, such as DappRadar and Rarible, which is incredible for a modest NFT conference.


Details on NFT_LDN in 2022 are still TBC, so do stay tuned for more information on that!

NFT Paris

Where do the coolkids and the big names meet and share knowledge? NFT Paris, the biggest NFT conference in Europe, may just be hosting another NFT event later this year. But before we get you hyped up, allow us to share our story.


In its infancy, NFT Paris was nothing more than a concept. After attending countless NFT functions over the years, our founders decided to have a shot at their own NFT event - and where better to share art and culture, than in the heart of France, Paris.

After launching a successful first NFT conference, and receiving the backing of well-known names in the space, we are confident in our road ahead.

Event Details

  • Date: 22 January 2022
  • Location: Station F.
  • Registration: Over (Next event TBA)

Kickstarting 2022 with the first NFT conference of the year, NFT Paris made a great first impression on the community. To keep our event close-knitted, we accommodated up to 800 tickets; which sold out almost immediately. But not to worry, the event was broadcasted live on Youtube for those who couldn’t make it IRL!

A handful of speakers from various organizations such as Ledger and The Sandbox were invited to give guest speeches, along with support from Animoca Brands, Tezos, POAP, Arianee, Gucci and Sotheby’s …

With just a day to cover everything NFTs, our itinerary was jampacked with talks, performances, and event-wide activities. Below is the full line-up of what we did on 22 January. Of course, there was also an Art exhibition and several booth to make it more interactive !

First edition amazing speakers. 


We have prepared for early next year… could NFT Paris be the sickest event in Europe ? Here is a quick preview from the first event by the way :

Tickets will be made available soon, with the option to pay in Euros, BTC, or ETH. Stay tuned on our Twitter for the latest NFT Paris updates.

Non Fungible Conference

Non Fungible Conference is another well-known NFT event in Portugal, and this conference had a comprehensive timetable of events. Created by John Karp, a well-known figure in the french NFT space with NFT Morning podcast. They are expected to come back with Non Fungible Conference in 2023.


Non Fungible Conference is the first IRL NFT event in Portugal, with the aim of creating a space for many NFTers to connect and share a common NFT experience.

Event Details

  • Date: 4 - 5 April 2022
  • Location: Carlos Lopes Pavillion, Lisbon
  • Registration: Over (Coming back next year)

Non Fungible Conference was just held slightly over a month ago, at a palace in Lisbon. The 2-day event was rather huge, with over 2500 attendees, 100+ talks and panel discussions on 4 main content tracks in NFT. Over 150 guest speakers were invited, and sponsors like The Sandbox, Ledger or Screenshot joined the mix too.

Non Fungible Conference based their NFT event around 4 main content tracks, Gaming, Art, Collectibles, and the Metaverse. This included a gallery walk, art shows, NFT shopping districts, and tons of more exciting experiences. Very cool things to note : Tickets from cultcryptoart (with Xcopy and eclecticmethod) and a dedicated Pak exhibition !!. Also, Party Degenerates X The Sandbox party was pretty sick.


Non Fungible Conference 2022 is over. They have hinted at a return next year, but the dates are yet to be finalized.

Paris NFT Day

Paris NFT Day markets itself as a gathering for web3 enthusiasts, meeting in Paris to share concepts and visions about the NFT space. They are affiliated with Blockchain Week Paris, but both events are separate. Also, Paris NFT Day is not affiliated with NFT Paris, we are separate entities!


Paris NFT Day launched its first edition in mid-April, just about a week after the conference in Lisbon. They launched in conjunction with the Paris Blockchain Week, also happening around the same time as Paris NFT Day.

They say, this is where “French Art De Vivre meets NFT World”.

Event Details

  • Date: 12 April 2022
  • Location: Palais Brongniart, Paris
  • Registration: Closed (2023 Whitelist Open)

The Paris NFT Day conference has three aims laid out: For NFT enthusiasts to understand, experiment, and network. A classic experience, they attracted over 2000 attendees, inviting over 125 speakers and were sponsored by big names like ByBit and Ripple.

Paris NFT Day took a look at luxury, metaverse, art, sport, and gaming in the NFT industry. Aside from the usual speeches and discussions, Paris NFT Day also held a web3 gathering in Decentraland, pretty unique for an IRL NFT conference!


Whitelisting for NFT Paris Day in 2023 is open, but ticket pricing and dates are still to be announced.

NFT Berlin

NFT Berlin rocks a very unorthodox style, being one of the few non-profit NFT events, or as they call themselves, “unconferences”.

The focus for them is on forming an extensive network of builders and organizations dabbling in NFTs, and hosting a meaningful event for NFT enthusiasts. Let’s have a look at their background.


NFT Berlin is a people’s platform, made for public and collective good in the metaverse. They are non-profit, and have the main aim to share varying experiences within the community. The team of 10 wants to level the playing field between artists entering the space, and companies looking to jump on the NFT bandwagon.

Event Details

  • Date: 25 - 27 May 2022
  • Location: ****Alte Münze, Berlin
  • Registration: Open (Public and Patron)

NFT Berlin will be jumping right into talks throughout Days 1 and 2, including the founder of AAVE protocol, DAO representatives, and are sponsored by foundations such as Arweave and BitDAO. Aside from talks, there will also be a 12-hour hackathon in the latter half of the event, that sounds intense! Do have a look at NFT Berlin’s full manifesto as well.


“Early Bird” registration is closed. Public and Patron tickets are still open, going for  349 and 1119 Euros respectively.

MET Amsterdam

Last but not least, we have MET Amsterdam, where the metaverse meets reality. They will explore metaverse culture, but NFTs will be a prime focus as well. Here’s a blurb about MET AMS.


MET Amsterdam would be launching their first event this June, where they plan to explore all the different aspects of metaverse culture and tech. The festival puts a strong emphasis on diversity in the metaverse, inclusion, and sustainability.

Event Details

  • Date: 14 - 17 June 2022
  • Location: Gashouder Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam
  • Registration: Open

MET AMS will be hosting a 4-day NFT event, but ‘festival’ would be a better way to put it! After all, they have a diverse outline of activities, including shows, gallery visits, and even a closing party! Of course, this is aside from the day’s worth of talks and panel discussions.

MET Amsterdam has invited keynote speakers such as the founder of Boss Beauties, representatives from the Decentraland Foundation, and more. They have struck partnerships with brands like CyberKongz and HAPE as well. They have also nicely detailed a few hotels where one can enjoy their stay in Amsterdam at.


Registration is open, for both Regular and Legendary categories. The former costs 269 Euros while the latter is 849 Euros. Early Bird General and VIP tickets have sold out.

Wrap Up

Wow, that was a rather lengthy list of NFT events! Truly, there is no shortage of great NFT conferences out there for you to experience, learn, and connect with like-minded people. If you’re already living in near one of these locations, all the more go for it.

So, I guess we shall see you soon, whether at NFT Paris, or some other NFT conference. Till then!


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