SuperRare Is Coming To NFT Paris (NFT Paris Weekly)

It's official: SuperRare is coming to NFT Paris 2023. 


John Crain, the founder and CEO of SuperRare & SuperRare Labs, will be speaking IRL at NFT Paris!


Here's our content in-brief:


  • SuperRare: An OG NFT Marketplace for the Arts
  • John Crain & The New $RARE token - What's That About?
  • More on SuperRare x NFT Paris Collaboration

Without further ado, let's get right into it!

What Is SuperRare?

SuperRare is one of the OG NFT marketplaces. Launching in early 2018, SuperRare was around from the beginnings of the NFT boom, alongside giants like OpenSea and Nifty Gateway.

However, SuperRare has a special target audience: Patrons of the arts.

Aimed at supporting artists express creativity without restraints, SuperRare has built a platform optimized for creators. Features include:

  • Trending leaderboards and popular collections
  • In-house artistry resources and artwork recommendations
  • Smart contracts royalties system - giving artists a commission every time their artwork is sold!

With these helpful features and a long-standing reputation, it's no doubt that SuperRare is such a popular NFT platform among curators. You may have remembered Snoop Dogg buying "Right Click and Save As Guy" for a whopping $7 million (at the time) from XCopy, back in 2021. That sale was made on SuperRare.

SuperRare makes its money from the 15% commissions on first-time sales of NFTs on their platform. While this is a sizeable chunk of an artist's take-home, do remember the publicity provided by SuperRare, and that future sales make money for the artist! The number of NFTs on SuperRare despite this fee really shows how much people value the platform.

More on John Crain & $RARE

John Crain is the CEO of SuperRare. Together with Charles Crain (CTO) and Jonathan Perkins (CPO), the trailblazing trio founded SuperRare in early 2018. To date, over $100 million worth of NFTs has been sold on the platform by thousands of artists.

The success of SuperRare can be attributed to its amazing founders.

After all, John Crain himself was not new to web3 back in 2018. In fact, he was a product engineer at blockchain software technology corporation ConsenSys in 2016, and participated in web3 as early as 2015! John is also part of SuperRare Labs, the core team behind the artist-first NFT marketplace.

In 2021, SuperRare finally launched their DAO, creating a community token $RARE. $RARE was airdropped to users of the site, and holders of the token would be able to participate in governance on SuperRare - such as deciding which artists go up on "SuperRare Spaces", minting tokens for a specific NFT collection, and more.

The $RARE token currently stands at a market capitalization of around $15.6 million, with over 100 million $RARE tokens in circulation.

With the $RARE token and SuperRare DAO, John Crain and the team behind SuperRare Labs hopes to decentralize the decision-making power over to users of the platform, take their hands off the reigns, and allow the SuperRare community to build their own path.

How Is SuperRare Collaborating With NFT Paris?

We are delighted to have the founder of SuperRare John Crain come down to NFT Paris 2023, and speak IRL!

If you're big on art curation and NFT artistry in general, be sure to catch him in person.

More details on Mr. Crain's speech will be released soon.

Closing Remarks

SuperRare is an OG in the NFT space, and NFT Paris appreciates what the team behind this platform has done for the NFT arts space in web3.

Looking at how SuperRare has progressed over the years, I guess it won't be too far-fetched to say they're already building on the next big thing... well, find out for yourself from John at NFT Paris 2023!

Till then, coolkidz.

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