PROOF Is Coming To NFT Paris

We are excited to have PROOF join us at NFT Paris 2023!


Director of Product at PROOF Holdings, Angharad ‘Harri’ Thomas, will be speaking IRL at NFT Paris.


Here's our content in-brief:


  • An ecosystem from podcasts to NFTs
  • More on Harri Thomas & Divergence: The smart contract solution Harri was working on before joiningPROOF
  • PROOF x NFT Paris: More on our partnership

What Is PROOF?

PROOF comprises many projects, including podcasts, exclusive NFT collections, and web3 art curations. Today, it can only be described as a web3 community - simply due to the sheer size it has grown to.

In its early days, PROOF was a podcast. Hosted by entrepreneur and co-founder of PROOF Kevin Rose, the brand was built around this podcast featuring builders and artists in the web3 space. It wasn't before long that PROOF became the go-to place for insights into NFT and arts patronage, and shortly after, came the NFT collections.

The team at PROOF has been aggressively building and expanding their brand. Here are the projects they have under their belt:

  • PROOF Collective - PROOF's first NFT Collection, with 1K NFTs with membership access to the exclusive PROOF Community
  • Grails & Emotes By Heart You - Limited-Edition NFTs in collaboration with multiple artists
  • Moonbirds & Oddities - Moonbirds, the collection that shook the NFT space, redefining the "staking" mechanism of NFTs

After launching quite a few NFT collections, PROOF has solidified its position as an established brand in the world of NFTs, not just in generative art, but reaching further into the community behind the JPEG.

PROOF recently launched the event 'Future PROOF', talking about all things related. Do watch the recap below!

Harri Thomas & The Acquisition Of Divergence

Harri Thomas is the Director of Product at PROOF. How she landed the role is an interesting journey to tell.

Before web3, Harri was in strategy and operations at Oliver Wyman (A leading Consultancy firm), and had tons of experience in the strategy consulting field.

In 2021, Harri and partner Arran co-founded Divergence, a company working on generative on-chain art. They were responsible for many behind-the-scenes efforts when it came to smart contracts for web3 projects, contributing to PROOF's Moonbirds, PREMINT, and Gmoney’s Admit One.

In mid-2022, PROOF acquired Divergence, leveraging their smart contract solutions into PROOF's NFT collections and future projects. Arran became the Vice-President of Engineering at PROOF, while Harri was to be the Director of Product.

Indeed, this was a strategic acquisition for PROOF. Not only does it add operational expertise to their team (with Harri on board), this brings the technical expertise PROOF needs to launch their hugely anticipated "social universe".

How Is PROOF Partnering With NFT Paris?

We're delighted to have Harri Thomas speak at NFT Paris Conference IRL!

To find out more about the PROOF ecosystem and Divergence, NFT Paris 2023 will be your perfect opportunity to find out more.

More details on the speech will be released at a later date.

Closing Thoughts

The PROOF ecosystem is building a better web3, fostering a community around NFT culture. With the handful of projects PROOF has wonderfully delivered, we can't wait for what they have in store for the future!

Once again, we thank PROOF for partnering with NFT Paris. Don't miss out!

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