NFT Paris: The Anon Stage

Introducing: The ‘Anon’ Stage for NFT Paris 2023!

This novel concept will be launched at the NFT Paris Conference, with your favorite ‘anon’ speakers finally taking the stage.

Here's our content in-brief:

- Introducing the Anon Stage: From what it is, to how it works and our motives behind this web3 experiment

- Speakers at the Anon Stage: A sneak peek into our ‘anonymous’ speaker lineup at the Anon Stage

Without further ado, let's get into it!

Introducing: The Anon Stage

Most of you should be wondering, WTF is the 'Anon' stage? And with good question - after all, this ambitious endeavor of ours is a first in the IRL web3 event sphere. Allow us to give a brief introduction to what this 'Anon' stage is about.

What It Is

The 'Anon' stage is a special platform for anonymous and pseudonymous web3 speakers to share their stories. As implied by the name "Anon Stage", the identities of the speakers here will be masked, allowing them to speak freely without getting "KYC-ed".

The Anon Stage is the first of its kind, with the team behind NFT Paris leading the way to make this dream become a reality. Witness web3 history for yourself by coming to hear your favorite 'Anon' personalities speak IRL!

Our Motives

The past few years have been a time of critical development in the NFT space. With the rise of many anonymous, if not pseudonymous, personalities all over Crypto Twitter, we decided to give them a space to share their ideas.

However, we also respect their preference for staying anonymous. Hence, the best way forward will be to create a dedicated stage for these speakers, allowing you the audience to get the best of both worlds!

How It Works

So, how are we going to have a speech IRL while masking the identities of these web3 speakers?

Here's a hint: The power of tech - meeting while not face-to-face. The talks will be held online, but there will still be a physical stage. Really, it could be difficult to visualize... you'll have to see for yourself at NFT Paris 2023!

More details on how the 'Anon' stage works will be made available soon.

Who Is Speaking @ The Anon Stage?

Perhaps the moment you folks have been waiting for... who are these mysterious speakers? Well, our list here is not comprehensive, but here goes:

- Punk6529 - Founder of metaverse OM, mega threador on web3 things

- Claire Silver - Founder of A2 Accelerate Art, a digital artist

- Beautyandpunk - Nouner and Board member of LIGHT.ART

- Tank - Professional coder turned NFT collector

- Leonidas - NFT Historian diving deep into NFT's past

- Nahiko - Hacker & NFT artist

And many, many more!

We already have an awesome line-up of anonymous and pseudonymous NFT and web3 personalities speaking via the Anon Stage. Let us know who else you'd like to see in our lineup, and don't miss out on this awesome opportunity to hear your favorite web3 speakers IRL!

Closing Thoughts

The Anon Stage is something new to the space, and who knows what wonders it may bring? We hope this addition to our event will make the speaker panel more diverse and interesting, we sure do hope that you will benefit from this too!

We're super excited to kickstart this effort. So, don't miss out on this first-of-its-kind experience, exclusively at NFT Paris 2023! Till then, coolkidz.

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