Medved Is Coming To NFT Paris

We are thrilled to have Medved join us at NFT Paris 2023!


The co-founder & CEO of media platform ‘nft now’, Matt Medved, will be joining us in person and speaking at NFT Paris.


Here's our content in-brief:


  • Introducing Matt Medved: A veteran in the content & media space for over 15 years
  • Building ‘nft now’ from scratch: How Matt's media platform became one of the most reputable brands 
  • Medved x NFT Paris: Details on Matt speaking IRL at the NFT Paris Conference

Let's get into the details!

Who Is Medved?

In the crypto space, Matt Medved is best known for founding web3 media platform 'nft now'. But this isn't his first foray into the content industry - Matt has over 15 years of professional experience working in media.

Starting out as a student investigator back in 2007, Matt has been to various fields in the content space, trying his hand at reporting, research, content & editing, and even consulting.

Most notably, Matt launched and spearheaded Billboard Dance back in 2015. Here are but a few of his achievements:

  • Led content strategy for dance & electronic content at Billboard
  • Grew Billboard Dance's audience to around 3 Million UMVs (Unique Monthly Visitors)
  • Hosted multiple events including Electronic Music Awards (2017), Billboard Live, etc.

Matt was in charge when Billboard broke the news of Swedish DJ Avicii's death in 2018, which was also the day the platform gained the highest traffic.

After his fruitful time at Billboard, Medved worked as content leads at two other agencies, before branching out on his own and co-founding 'nft now'. Since then, Medved has accomplished a ton with 'nft now', even being ranked among the top 10 most influential persons in the NFT space!

As such, it's pretty safe to say that Matt has a good grasp over the content & media spaces, whether in or outside web3; safe to say 'nft now' is in good hands.

Building 'nft now' From The Ground Up

Personally, it's pretty shocking that 'nft now' is barely a year old - and already established its reputation as one of the top-tier web3 media platforms.

Launched in June 2021, 'nft now' is a web3 media platform that focuses on news in the NFT space. But since then, the company has branched out into other areas of web3, including blockchain, crypto, the metaverse, and more. They also had a weekly podcast, but are now taking a break after some 70-odd episodes!

The co-founders of 'nft now' are Matt Medved(CEO & Editor-in-chief), Alejandro Navia (President), and Sam Hysell (COO). With budding initiatives like their weekly newsletter, educational guides, and an ever-expanding team, it seems like 'nft now' has a promising road ahead.

Their end goal: Bringing NFTs mainstream.

Medved x NFT Paris

We are delighted to have Matt Medved speak live at NFT Paris 2023!

It's a rare honor to have one of the biggest media entrepreneurs in the web3 space speak, and I'm sure we all have a lot to learn from Matt's experience in the content industry over the years.

If you're already a fan of 'nft now' behind the screen, just imagine listening to the brains behind 'nft now' in person!

Closing Thoughts

Bridging NFTs and the so-called 'normies' is an incredibly difficult undertaking. But with the power of the media, more specifically web3 content platforms like 'nft now', the NFT space can have a reliable voice pitching blockchain art to the masses.

Once again, we're delighted to have Matt Medved join us at NFT Paris 2023; be sure to come hear his story on building one of the biggest media brands in NFTs to date!

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