Daata & Hymodernity Are Coming To NFT Paris

It's our pleasure to have Daata & Hymodernity come to NFT Paris 2023.

Co-sponsors for our event, Daata & Hymodernity will be hosting a booth at our event.

Read more about Daata & Hymodernity below!

  • Daata: Learn about what this platform is, how it works, the artists commissioned, and the collaborations they have.
  • Hymodernity: Find out about the mission of this art-related Web3 community and marketplace and its plans.
  • Our Partnership: Daata & Hymodernity x NFT Paris

Daata x Hymodernity at NFT Paris

Digital art platforms Daata and Hymodernity are collaborating on a joint presentation at NFT Paris 2023, highlighting their mutual commitment to presenting the best digital art of today. The shared booth will exhibit artworks from internationally renowned artists including Petra Cortright, Stine Deja, ripcache, Gabriel Massan, Keiken and Jonathan Monaghan.


Daata is the world's leading platform for digital art, producing, commissioning, exhibiting, curating, and selling all forms of digital art. Since it was founded in 2015, it has been a leading force in pushing the boundaries of art and technology. Daata brings to life the most ambitious artworks by pioneering and celebrated contemporary artists. 

With a mission to introduce new technologies to the traditional art market, Daata has commissioned more than 400 artworks by over 100 artists and has collaborated internationally with galleries, museums, collections, art fairs, festivals and other organisations including NASA, Hammer Museum, Julia Stoschek Collection, The Bass Museum, Art Basel, Frieze, Times Square Arts, Park Avenue Armory, Soho House, CitizenM, NeueHouse, Hauser & Wirth, KOKO, Marian Goodman, and Thaddaeus Ropac.

In its quest to allow users to stream and download high-quality artwork, Daata has commissioned internationally recognised artists, such as Ed Fornieles, Keiken, Petra Cortright, Matt Copson, Leo Gabin, Daniel Keller & Martti Kalliala, Rindon Johnson, Lina Lapelytė, Rachel Maclean, Takeshi Murata, Rashaad Newsome, Jacolby Satterwhite, Tracey Emin and many more.

Hymodernity In Web3

Hymodernity aims to impact the Art World with a comprehensive solution for artists and collectors. Their marketplace, powered by Ethereum, social network, and DAO, makes art accessible to all. Curated exhibitions by renowned curators will feature both emerging and established artists, both virtually and IRL, as well as curated collections from the global market.

Described on its official website as a platform for contemporary art made by artists, Hymodernity's mission is to create a bridge between the thriving world of art and the innovative NFT space, through blockchain technology. 

The Hymodernity all-in-one platform, which will be available soon will offer the following key features:

  • Buying and selling digital artworks through open-source smart contracts that run on the Ethereum blockchain.
  • Minting and collecting artworks stored digitally, using decentralized technology from Arweave, a Bitcoin-like network for data storage.
  • Tracking market and community activity through the HYMO social network with a fully customizable feed.
  • Rewarding collectors and artists via market participation and platform engagement  

Hymodernity's plans include its first NFT drop called HYMO Signature 'Genesis Capsules', which will contain 50 unique NFTs that will enable digital collectors to benefit from the full potential of the platform. A digital token called HYMO will also be launched, which will give its owners access to the following perks and benefits:

  • Staking rewards
  • Zero Fees 
  • Earning from listing and selling 
  • Access to exclusive artworks 
  • Whitelisting in Private auctions 
  • Access to Exclusive IRL events

Clearly, big plans ahead for the future of Hymodernity!

How Is Daata & Hymodernity Partnering With NFT Paris?

Daata & Hymodernity are co-sponsors for the NFT Paris event, and will be hosting booths at the conference.

We can't wait to see how both projects complement one another at the event, are you excited too, anon?

Closing Thoughts

In summary, both Daata & Hymodernity provide great platforms for digital artists to showcase their works, and for patrons of the arts to curate unique pieces in the form of NFTs. Great to see NFTs still prevailing in these rocky times!

Anyway, we hope to find you at the booths during NFT Paris 2023. See you there, coolkidz


Web3 writer who joined the space in the midst of a bullrun, Blowned knows all about HODLing through the dips. I write topics ranging from basic crypto market trends to the CC0 NFT "revolution", and everything in between. In my free time, finding hidden gems and degen NFT flipping is what I grind. Hope my articles have a lasting impact on you, and the web3 space.


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