Art Blocks Is Coming To NFT Paris (NFT Paris Weekly)

It's official: Art Blocks is coming to NFT Paris 2023. 


Founder and CEO of Art Blocks, Erick Calderon, will be speaking in person at NFT Paris!


Here's our content in-brief:

  • Art Blocks: A Haus for Generative NFT Art - And How It Works
  • Erick Calderon and His Brainchild NFT Project, Chromie Squiggles
  • More on Art Blocks x NFT Paris Collaboration

Let's jump straight to the details!

What Is Art Blocks?

Art Blocks is the home of generative NFT artwork, native to the Ethereum blockchain.

However, it is not an NFT collection per se. Instead, Art Blocks is a haus for generative NFT collections. The platform allows artists to create NFT art algorithmically, using various codes and parameters to define their style.

In other words, while NFTs in the same collection are generated by the same code, they all have unique properties and a hint of randomness. Because of this algorithm, the art is actually created during mint. You press the "mint" button, the code generates the art, and you receive a fresh, one-of-a-kind NFT. Pretty cool.

To ensure quality control and maintain its prestigious brand name, Art Blocks vets artists before they can create a collection. They call these, the "Curated Projects". For vetted artists who want to go next-level creative, they can create more collections under the "Playground Projects". But Art Blocks is not leaving anybody hanging; artists who have yet to get approval can launch collections as part of the "Factory Projects".

Erick Calderon, Chromie Squiggles, and Thousands of NFTs

Erick Calderon (a.k.a. Snowfro, a.k.a. founder of Art Blocks), founded his brainchild back in November 2020 (almost 2 years ago!). Since then, Art Blocks has grown into a platform with tens of thousands of NFT collectors, and houses over 200,000 NFTs.

There have also been countless generative NFT art projects launched on Art Blocks, with "Chromie Squiggles", perhaps, being the most notable one.

Chromie Squiggles is the first-ever NFT collection launched on Art Blocks, by none other than Snowfro (Erick). Inspired by the OG NFT collection CryptoPunks, Snowfro decided to make Chromie a 10K NFT project as well, just that they were generative, designed upon mint.

Chromie Squiggle | Art Blocks Community Wiki

For rainbow-style squiggles made with technology, Chromie Squiggles NFTs did amazingly well. Currently standing in the top 30 NFT collections by volume traded, the floor on Chromies is currently around 13 ETH. At their peak, a handful of these NFTs sold for a few million dollars... truly shocking!

How Are Art Blocks Partnering With NFT Paris?

We're honored to have Erick Calderon come down to NFT Paris in person and speak at our conference.

With two decades worth of experience managing a contemporary tiles family business, and of course founding Art Blocks, Erick is definitely the right guy to comment on everything art!

More details on the chat with Erick will be released in due time.

Closing Remarks

NFT Paris brings the biggest brands to one place... and we're truly delighted to have a pioneer in the NFT generative art industry join us IRL.

If you're coming to NFT Paris (tickets are live btw!), be sure to catch Erick's sharing. And if you're still on the fence, well, time is ticking. (Early bird's discount ends soon)

That's all for today. Till then, coolkidz.

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