Arianee Is Coming To NFT Paris

We're delighted to have Arianee come to NFT Paris 2023!

Co-founder and CEO of Arianee, Pierre-Nicolas Hurstel, will be speaking live at our conference.

Here's our content in-brief:

- What Is Arianee: An introduction to the ultimate web3 solution for brands

- Pierre-Nicolas Hurstel and $ARIA: More on the veteran entrepreneur Mr. Hurstel and Arianee's very own cryptocurrency\

- Our Partnership: Arianee as a close partner of NFT Paris

Without further ado, let's get the ball rolling.

What Is Arianee?

Arianee is a French-based SAAS company focused on bringing brands into web3. Launched in 2018 by a few entrepreneurs, Arianee has quickly become a leading player in the space, helping tokenize dozens of businesses, and empowering them with blockchain technology.

Most notably, Arianee has built a unique customer experience as a solution for brands and end consumers. Through the use of NFTs and blockchain, brands can utilize Arianee's platform to create an exclusive experience for their customers, ensuring authenticity and going digital with their products.

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But that's far from what Arianee has accomplished. Here are some of the solutions they have developed so far:

- SAAS & Mobile Apps: CRM Tools and Mobile Apps to help companies bridge the physical and digital worlds

- Arianee Consortium: A web3 ecosystem and protocol with the aim of being the global standard for digital certification via blockchain and smart contracts

- Academy: Content hub with all things Arianee and educational content for newcomers to web3

Also, let's not forget Arianee's very own currency, $ARIA, but more on that in a bit.

Arianee has come a long way, with notable clients such as Breitling, the Richemont Group, and YSL Beauty, as well as strong web3 partners like Ledger and even IBM. They have done a great job forging essential relationships to bridge the web2 to the web3 world, which will come in handy for future blockchain adoption.

More on Mr. Hurstel & $ARIA

Pierre-Nicolas Hurstel is the CEO of Arianee. Together with 6 other builders, they founded Arianee in 2018. But this is not Mr. Hurstel's first foray - in fact, he is what one would say a seasoned entrepreneur.

Mr. Hurstel is a veteran entrepreneur, launching companies from the ground up for over a decade now. From strategy consultancy, to media and event hosting in the fashion space, Pierre-Nicolas has tried his hand in quite a few industries. You may recognize some of the organizations he founded, including consulting firm Blue Change, and fashion event REMODE.

The team behind Arianee has also rolled out $ARIA, the currency of the Arianee protocol. Currently, this native cryptocurrency is used for incentivization and utilization purposes within the Arianee ecosystem, while the team continues to build the protocol on both the Ethereum and their scaling layer (they call it POA).

$ARIA resides on the Ethereum blockchain, and can be staked in their vaults. You can earn 16%+ APY by staking $ARIA, but this depends on the vesting period, of course. Sounds like a pretty attractive payout to me!

How Is Arianee Partnering With NFT Paris?

We're grateful for Pierre-Nicolas Hurstel, co-founder of Arianee, to be speaking at NFT Paris.

Additionally, Mr. Hurstel is a board member of NFT Paris, and has been working very closely with us to ensure the best experience for all of you at NFT Paris 2023!

We're proud to be a partner of Arianee, and excited to hear Mr. Hurstel's speech at our conference. More details on the speech will be released soon.

Closing Thoughts

Arianee is bringing brands closer to web3 with their seamless and effective solutions. Realizing the power of NFTs and the blockchain, we hope more businesses will shift efforts to the web3 space!

Once again, it's an absolute honor for Mr. Hurstel to be coming down to join us IRL at NFT Paris. We hope you're excited as well! Till then, coolkidz.

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